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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by G-P, Feb 13, 2017.

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    Glenn - I tried to respond to two posts and got the following message "An error occurred,Please use a valid name" Haven;'t had this problem until this evening. What gives?
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  2. Hey, I just found this thread. Glenn, I assume you've read all my complaint posts. Someone locked out my complaint thread on the Nikon forum, which really got me riled up. I've designed web sites and I absolutely don't understand how anyone could have decided to implemented this new interface was with so many bugs and problems. This interface comes off as if it's a preliminary presentation, certainly not a working site.

    I also just noticed that my complaint thread on the Nikon forum was redirected, not locked out, but the redirect arrow does not work so I didn't know it was moved to here.
  3. Do we have a place as a community where we can report bugs and browse to provide addition information or upvotes to priority?
  4. This is it, according to Glenn.
  5. <br>
    Yes, one of's members (Leslie) has started 2 threads under the site help forum. They are pinned to the top. <br>
    They are not exactly for bug reports as such but one is for questions and the other is for answers. Here are the links:<br>
    How-to Manual Part 2: Unanswered questions<br>
    How-to Manual Part 1: The answers<br>
  6. The suggested solution to auto refresh does not work . Not in Google Chrome on an Android device anyway.
    Disabling cookies prevents login. And it makes no difference whether you tick "keep me logged in" or not.
    This was never an issue on the previous site, nor is it an issue with the thousands of other sites I must have accessed. Conclusion - scripting incompetence and not user error. Please address this as a priority, instead of piddling about with hidden folders and the like. If people can't read or contribute to the page they'll never even get as far as those fineries.
  7. I'm not angry, and I most certainly don't want to strangle you or anyone else. But I did send you a respectful email, and I am pretty annoyed that I did not get a reply other than the one lines half sentence that failed to address any of my concerns/requests.

    I would greatly appreciate if you or someone could please respond to my email.
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  8. I had to log in the old-fashioned way the first time after I deleted the cookies; after that, I was able to set up the desktop short-cut, ask Safari to remember the password, and I was back to normal. I still have to log in once a day, but that's now just clicking a button. I wonder if Android devices work differently? I know others had the same problem with Chrome, but deleting cookies solved it for them, too; I don't remember what device&operating system they were using.
  9. I have just cleared cookies, and the site still auto refreshes every couple of seconds.

    Look, this is obviously not normal behaviour for any website, and users should not have to jump through such hoops. It should just work!

    My workaround, as stated before, is to hit the browser cancel button to make the page stand still. And even this is hit-and-miss.

    I can't see many other users having the patience to do this. So goodness knows how many potential contributers have given up and gone away. This is not a minor bug, but a major impediment to accessing the site. And why can't you even sort out the obvious bug in the reply box?
  10. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    for what it's worth, the auto refresh no longer happens on my two ios devices (iphone and ipad) running safari. thanks for fixing that.
  11. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    Using Chrome - no issues, no complaints - satisfied customer ! Do I get a sweetie ?
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  12. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    Replied to your email
  13. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    Hit return 2x, 3x if you want to give yourself some more space.
  14. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    As I said yesterday, no personal issues, but can something been done about the spam which is infiltrating the site, please ?

    Many thanks

  15. I am a paid up member of and unfortunately I am seriously ready to pull the plug and go elsewhere.
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  16. For God sake can anyone remove all the annoying advertisements. It is a hard time seeking the new images of our members between all the rubbish ?
    Regards, Herman
  17. I don't see any way to cancel a subscription in the "my account" menu, just to add more money. Mr Photonet, could you add this option?
  18. The new design surprised me, and after some tries with it, I found it was easier to leave and not come back as frequently as I have in the past, which is now down to once a week. I won't argue the old design was old, but it was simple, easy to navigate and worked. The new design is far from that.

    I prefer seeing my account page than my galleries after logging it. And I still don't like the design doesn't automatically accommodate narrower browser windows to scroll left or right but jumbles it up where it's hard to see the top banner options. And overall it's seems it's more about looks than use.
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  19. Hi Glenn,

    Here are just a few bugs I've encountered:

    1) The link to the current "Love" photo contest rules doesn't work. So, how many photos can each member submit?
    2) If I go to "critiques" within my account, it shows my photos with the number of critiques for each, but there's no way to click to view the critiques.
    3) If I try to browse my galleries, by clicking "Galleries", it displays exactly one gallery. How do I view the rest of them?
    4) The Gallery Folder Sort feature is very cumbersome to use. If you have numerous folders and want to move one to the opposite end of the sequence, well good luck. Try it and you'll see what I mean.

    Good luck sorting things out.
  20. Excellent comments, Jack. Just because PN2.0-2 is flashier and has better displays doesn't mean it's as workable for subscribers & members as PN1.

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