Teahtering for Nikon - how are you doing it?

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  1. I'm posting this in Nikon form vs Digital darkroom since I need Nikon specific advice.
    What is everyone using to tether? I've seen in videos of shoots that people have a small LCD monitor next to their camera. Then I've heard of others using an eye-fi card and somehow seeing it on an IPad (I shoot RAW). Followed by my own experience where I have tried tethering via HDMI to a TV and also computer Monitor. My TV and Monitor both produced retched results using the video out on the camera. Could just be the wrong monitor or crappy TV.
    The only success I have had is tethering is to a laptop using Lightroom, but on Nikon it won't also write it to my flash card, which I would like. Also I don't want to lug around a laptop just to see the images on a larger screen during a shoot even if they end up in Lightroom later.
    I shoot RAW and use a D700 and a D7100. The ideal solution for me would be an external monitor about the size of an iPad or smaller where the images still get written to the flash cards in the camera. "Pretending" price isn't an issue, what options do I have?
  2. I use Camranger - http://camranger.com/ - Does pretty much what you're looking for and does it remotely to about 150 ft. . It is actually it's own wifi network. You do however need a laptop or other computer, and a tablet or phone. I use it with the Nexus 7 tablet, works great.
  3. Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 is truly awful and extortionately expensive
    ControlMyNikon v4 rocks....and is really inexpensive and feature rich to the point of CRAZY!
  4. Late Edit....
    +1 for Camranger too........especially if you need to travel light.
  5. I use my MacBook Pro with Macintosh Image Capture (free with the system), and/or Aperture, $80.
  6. Like Don and Mike I use CamRanger.
  7. ControlMyNikon v4 rocks....and is really inexpensive and feature rich to the point of CRAZY!
    Story of my life; it doesn't support my D2X and it doesn't work on Mac's (yet). Sigh!
  8. Nick, a D2X?...that's approaching it's 10 year birthday! Did they have computers then?
  9. Nick, a D2X?...that's approaching it's 10 year birthday! Did they have computers then?​
    Not sure. We had things with round balls on wires that we moved back and forth :)
    I shoot landscapes, mostly, so D2X does the job, mostly. Besides it's all paid for!
  10. ....and they don't need updates and anti-virus software!
    Seems the first ones (abaci) used sexagesimal .....is that like using a 6MP camera?
  11. Yes, Camranger for the win.
  12. You do not mention what type of computer you are using. I use a Macbook Pro and use Sofortbild available for free in the app store and also at http://www.sofortbildapp.com/ (the website normally has newer versions available)
    You can instantly view photos and also use your laptop to control the camera's settings has you shoot. It works great!
    PS - images are stored to both the internal card and your laptop's hard drive.
  13. Todd B, maybe I'm missing something but having read all the 'Features' it doesn't actually say it shows LIVE VIEW? Is that supposed to be a given?
    There's loads of Instant Review here and Transfer and Import stuff there, but not what you can see live!!
    The only clue is the LV button top right of the screenshot....but it's nowhere in the text.
    Tethering existed long, long before Live-View was invented and operated on a Instant Review mechanism...kinda CLICK, CHECK and CHANGE as needed....and that appears to be how this operates! I don't believe that for a minute..... but!!
  14. Helicon Remote has worked well for me on my D700 and now D800.
  15. As far as I know, the only way to have Live View on an external screen is with the HDMI connection, correct me if I'm wrong.
  16. Michael, the Camranger plugs into the USB connection and has full camera control and live view. Not sure that's what you're referring to.
  17. Nikon's Camera Control Pro 2 really needs to be updated, but it's rock solid. I use it with my laptop.
    I may have to have 2 sets going at once, I'm thinking of getting a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and tethering to that. It would make a good field monitor, though you can't just use it as a monitor, it has to be via laptop inputs.
  18. Thanks all. Sorry for the late reply. I don't use live view. I just want a decent size image review to an iPad. Camera ranger
    looks good and I'll check out the other options. What about an eye-if card with nef raw and jpg written to the same card. I
    suspect you get what you pay for....
  19. A Nexus 10 (2nd version coming soon, I think) offers good screen size, has
    really nice resolution, and works well with an OTG USB adapter and the free
    dslrdashboard app. Even for older Nikon cameras.
  20. Hi all,
    I recently purchased a Camranger for use primarily as a way to show clients photos as they are taken during a shoot. I use a Nikon D800 and an Android Nexus 7. I absolutely love the concept of wireless tethering for this purpose, but I've been frustrated with the Camranger's performance. It takes a fair bit of time to download the images and it doesn't allow you to look at images while it's downloading. So, if I fire off 25 shots in a row, you have to wait a good long time to look at any shots because it gets bogged down by file transferring. Also, it loses connection periodically.
    I'm currently using very slow compact flash cards (I think something like 25mb/s). If I upgraded my cards to the latest, such as 120 or 160mb/s, would that appreciably accelerate transfer speeds from camera (ie CF card) to the device?

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