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  1. There are three kinds of photography I'm interested in and I'd like to acquaint myself with work of people who are/were doing this kind of stuff.
    The first one is "photography of life". I'm a traveler, hitch-hicker, and I'm documenting my journeys. I'm looking for people who were doing similar stuff - documenting their life.
    Biggest name i know is Nan Goldin.
    The second one is creepy kind of document photography, very honest in brutal way.
    The best example is work of Diane Arbus.
    The third one is much more typical - documental photography about issues of regular persons - but things less cliche than hunger or being poor.
    Good examples would be dealing with death of someone close, dealing with some kind of natural disaster, etc.
    I don't know any names.

    I'm looking for both "grand masters", and contemporary photographers.

    Help me please!
  2. In your third category, one of the greats of the Great Depression was Dorothea Lange. I also really like the work of Jack Delano from the same era. Somewhat later, Toyo Miyatake created a small collection of photographs documenting Japanese internment in the US during WWII. (He smuggled a lens into his camp, Manzanar, and cobbled up the rest while interned.)
  3. Go and look at the pictures of James Nachtwey. Most of his pictures are on war, famines and human catastrophes and should fit into your category 2.
  4. For the last category, first that came to my mind is Robert Frank's The Americans.
  5. For the death theme, try Sally Mann and her "body farm" work as well as her documentation of her husband's illness and decline. Powerful stuff from my view.
  6. Alec Soth. http://alecsoth.com/photography/
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    Category 1: Manuel Alvarez Bravo
    Category 2: Natacha Merritt
    Category 3: Antonio Turok

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