TC-14E with 85/2.8 PC?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by oskar_ojala, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Has anyone tried to use the 85/2.8 PC lens with a (modified) TC-14E? If so, what were your experiences results?

    I would like to get a narrower angle of view with tilt/shift capability and also have the ability to have a
    slightly longer lens when needed without carrying much extra weight. Naturally, one doesn't take out the 85/2.8
    PC to get less than stellar picture quality, so I'm interested how well the image quality holds up. The camera to
    be used is a D300, although the combo should last for years for future FX systems.
  2. The only TC that Nikon recommends for the older 85/2.8 PC is the TC-14B. I have no information on how well this combination works. I imagine if the lens is tilted and/or shifted too far the light column would no longer cover the front element of the TC and you would get vignetting, so the movements possible would probably be restricted.

    The TC-14E has an extra tab on the mount so it will only fit compatible lenses - AFI and AFS telephotos 200mm and up. The TC-14E will fit the same lenses as the TC-14B if the tab is removed.
  3. A modified TC-14E works just fine on the 85 PC.

    However, don't fool yourself into thinking that tilt is very useful on a 1.4X longer lens. The mirror box will intervene long before you reach any useful degree of tilting.
  4. I use it a mod, TC-14E and its great.

  5. You're throwing away most of the image circle with this combination. However if you just want a little more working distance, and a bit closer to 1:1 imgaging, it might be quite useful.
  6. Thanks for all the responses so far. Indeed, mechanical vignetting when using movements is a big risk, I must try to arrange a test if possible. In case the optical quality of the combination remains good, though, then the tc would still be useful even if the movements are severely limited.

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