TB Epidemic in Ukraine

Discussion in 'Street and Documentary' started by day_donaldson, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. This series is by Maxim Dondyuk, a Ukrainian photojournalist who is currently setting up a shop in Ukraine.
    It combines photography/photojournalism with news.
    What do you think of this format?
  2. Excellent! The underbellly of life in Ukraine, no holds barred. Save some time, it's just about book length.
    John (Crosley)
  3. Great documentary work on a tragedy in Ukraine, that is not much known outside the country. Journalists and photographers seem presently mainly to go there to report on war and geopolitics. The article and the images deserve to be published in other news outlets too.
    Thanks Day.
    However "The Speaker", which I have not heard of before, seems specialized in bogus "news".
  4. I should have added bogus news .. "on Ukraine". Their news on other parts of the World and especially the US are worthy of attention as far as I can judge.
    See the other photo documentaries that "The Reader" has introduced in the forum lately, which I, personally, find of very good quality.

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