Tamron SP 90mm f/2.8 Di Macro VC USD F017N and Z Cameras

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  1. The Tamron SP 90mm f/2.8 Di Macro VC USD F017N lens does not work on Z cameras with the FTZ adapter; it needs a firmware update. The update CANNOT be applied using the Tap-In Console. The lens must be sent to Tamron.

    The good news is the upgrade is covered by the 6-year warranty and is free. If you are in the warranty period, now would be a good time to get it done, even if you do not own a Z camera, yet.
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  2. Tamron UK thinks otherwise, it's parts too.... I contacted them in Sept 2021 about mine.

    "After lengthy research and testing, Tamron have successfully found a solution to enable the Tamron SP 90mm F/2.8 Di VC USD 1:1 Macro (model F017N) to be compatible with Nikon Z mirrorless cameras.
    This will however involve more than a firmware update to make the lens compatible and, once available, it will be necessary for Tamron's service department to perform a modification to the lens.
    Tamron Japan have asked us to find out which owners of the Tamron SP 90mm F/2.8 Di VC USD 1:1 Macro (model F017N) would like to have their lens modified / updated via this solution in order to gain Nikon Z compatibility, in order for them to manufacture the required new components and ship them to Tamron service facilities worldwide."

    "In due course, once the parts for your lens are manufactured and shipped, we will contact you with a request to send the lens to Tamron's service department. Please
    do NOT send it in beforehand!
    Costs for this modification & update:
    For the Tamron SP 90mm F/2.8 Di VC USD 1:1 Macro (model F017N) lenses sold new by authorised UK dealers that are still within warranty, Transcontinenta UK (Distributor for Tamron in UK and IE), will absorb the service cost for this modification + update. The only costs to you will be the shipping costs to the Tamron Service Department (you will receive the address data in due course). Should you need other Service work carried out at this time then a quote can be provided."

    I guess it's some sort of rotational encoder or somesuch that's different..


  3. Thanks, Mike.

    The bad news is, that at least in the U.S., the lens has been discontinued. Mine is being modified by Tamron (USA) as I write this. It is a nice close up lens and a good portrait lens, too.
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  4. I'm involuntarily keeping mine un-modded as I got it Grey and the importer won't pay....:(

    However, it's truly superb on my D850.....:)
  5. The more I read of these Z body woes, the happier I am that I jumped ship to Sony as my choice of MILC.

    Not gloating... honest! :cool:
  6. I'm sure it's not Nikon's fault the reverse engineering was sub-standard...;)

    Interesting that it's the first mechanical incompatibility I've come across between an F designed lens failing on Z that couldn't be overcome by firmware.
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  7. I have an early 35/1.8 VC that could not be updated via tap in. Tamron USA updated it free and very quickly, the experience was well above my expectations. The lens was not in warranty.
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  8. Seems like kudos to Tamron, and shame on Nikon for not co-operating by releasing details of the Z-mount.

    Surely Nikon realise that the popularity and usability of a system depends on the lenses and accessories available for it? Not the slow drip of an OEM lens here and another in 12 month's time.
  9. Why break a big & bad habit of a lifetime? :(

    It's interesting that Sigma haven't even twitched at Z Mount yet..... Surely, they must know the intro of Z Mount has been very successful and people will be willing to spend £££s on quality glass whoever makes it? It's not as if every Sigma Art lens has a Z equivalent, there's plenty of space way beyond the Road Map.

    Someone should resurrect the 70-180mm macro in Z Mount..... :D

    The current 70-200mm Fl or Z isn't that useful as a bug chaser....!
  10. I suspect Nikon is using a variation of the "Razor and Blades" business model, although the camera can hardly be considered "low price", used successfully by Gillette and Eastman Kodak. There is probably more profit in lenses and other accessories than in the camera body itself.

    In any case, other than the Nikkor 28-75 f/2.8 which is made by Tamron and rebadged Nikon, no one but Nikon makes a Z-mount lens.
  11. I am not sure I would characterize Tamron's reverse engineering as "sub-standard". When the 90mm was designed, the "Z" mount had not yet been release; I believe Nikon released the first Z-mount cameras in late 2018.

    No prudent third party would begin a reverse engineering effort until the Z system had proved it was not another System 1 short lived system, and to allow the specification to "settle down" after it had been adopted and there was user feedback. Now that the mount has proved itself, I suspect we will see third parties making lenses for the mount. Reverse engineering takes time. Not only does the mount and firmware have to be reverse engineered, but the optical formula also has to be changed to accommodate the much shorter flange distance. This takes time, and with COVID factored in, it will take more time.

    As you noted the lens worked superbly on your F-mount D850 (and it is outstanding on my F-mount D750), the mount for which it was designed.
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  12. I have the Tamron 90mm in Canon EF mount. There's nothing substandard about it.

    The "reverse engineering" of frequently changing camera mounts is a tough problem for the non OEM makers, but the problems are also a result of the "anti-third-party" engineering of the OEMs, who clearly want you to buy THEIR version....
  13. Interesting. I didn't know that.
    In which case I wonder why Nikon haven't also re-badged Tamron's 17-28mm 'twin' to the 28-75mm version?
    It's a nice lens (the 17-28) that goes 'wide enough' while still allowing 67mm filters to be used.

    Those two Tamrons make a great baseline kit that cover most walk around eventualities. I'd probably have the Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 as well... if it didn't have such horrendous 'breathing' that shrinks it to something like a 135mm at anything approaching a close distance.
    Has no brand cracked that issue yet?

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