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Discussion in 'Olympus' started by floosli, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. Will a tamron 70mm-300mm digital lens work on my evolt 510? If so are there any

  2. Tamron makes no lenses to fit the Olympus 4/3rd's system. You say your lens is "digital"...which mount? It may fit via an adaptor of some sort, although I don't know why you'd want to. My guess is, it doesn't have an aperture ring, so it would need to be shot wide open all the time. You'd need to focus manually, and another guess would be your Tamron is something like an f4-5.6 lens, which won't give you a very bright finder to aid in accurate focusing.. all in all, not very promising.
  3. I THINK i just bougth the lens you're talking about. I have the tamron 70-300 ld macro in nikon mount. It Looks like a really good (albeit not 'expensive') lens. I'm waiting on the nikon/oly adapter i ordered last week (last time i do business with these people). There are different versions for Nikon/Canon etc some with internal motors some without. This one has a manual focusing ring, zoom ring and aperture ring so it will work fine assuming it fits on the camera once the bloody adapter gets here.

    I just hope theres a tcon available for it.
  4. My Tamron 500mm has an OM mount, and works very well on my e500 with the OM adapter.
  5. I'm new to the whole adapter thing, so if I bought the Tamron lens for my Olympus evolt 510, which adapter do I need, and will my auto focus work, or will it be manual only, etc.
  6. Frank,

    If you want the auto focus system to work....if you want the exposure system to fully work....if you want to be able to take advantage of ALL the features of the camera.....you are going to have to buy a lens designed to be used with the camera.

    A Tamron to 4/3rd's adaptor will only allow the lens to be mounted to the camera.....nothing else. autofocus won't work. Most of the exposure modes won't fully work. You either need to buy a lens designed to be used with the E150, or buy a camera designed to be used with your Tamron.
  7. Obviously, I meant E510, not E150.
  8. I have 2 om lenses and a tamron w nikon mount. All work great w my 500 and 510. You need to shoot on a or m for the most part.

    You need to find out what mount the tamron is then buy the adapter for that mount. There are adapters for most mounts. Btw the tamron 300 nikon mount works great.
  9. I have a Tamron 70-300mm Pentax K mount. The lens is AF but it also has an aperture ring. I bought a Fotodiox Pentax K to 4/3 adapter on eBay and the was amazed by the image quality I obtained from the E510/Tamron combo. The only negative is the fact that the lens becomes fully manual (focus and aperture). However, if you set the camera to Av mode, then it will adjust the speed based on the aperture you choose on the lens. With firmware 1.3 installed, the E510 IS system will work with the Tamron, which is a big help in preventing camera shake from ruin your pictures.
  10. Thanks to each of you for giving me your advice, I do appreciate it
  11. Some late advice.

    Try to find a tokina 250 atx if you can. I like hte tamron 300 its LIGHT. Has an interesting superfast focusing system. But the tamron feels sharper somehow. Perhaps more contrasty. And its truely macro (The tamron is supposed to be but ill be darned if i can figure out how!). I just need to find myself a tokina clone of this lens in 400. And a better 2x.
  12. Just a late note (sorry about bumping the thread).

    Ive tested my manual long teles against each other and the Tokina 250 is actually the LEAST sharp compared against a tamron 70-300 and a sigma 400 non-apo. just for anyone who wanders on this post via google

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