Tamron 90mm macro: any other sweet lenses out there?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by larry n., Dec 6, 2006.

  1. Just picked one of these puppies, and I don't think I've ever been as pleased
    with a lens. Any other secrets out there?
  2. Norman, You have picked up a puppy?

    Glad to hear you like your new lens.

    'any other secrets out there' well the meaning of life is one!
  3. The teeny Nikon AIS 45mm f2.8P.
  4. Norman, have you compered your lens to the Nikon 105 2.8 (not VR)?

    i love mine but have heard about the Tamron's smooth bokeh (background blur when
    shooting wide open)...
  5. The Sigam 150mm Macro - I borrowed one and was so impressed I bought my own copy the next weekend.
  6. Here is an example of the Tamron 90's bokeh.
  7. "Norman, have you compered your lens to the Nikon 105 2.8 (not VR)?"

    Ric I used to own the Nikkor and sold it after I had the Tamron for a while despite the better built quality of the Nikkor.
  8. 90mm tamron is indeed a wonderful lense.
    85mm Nikor (1.8) is one such lense for Nikon and 17mm Tokina ATX Pro (77mm).
  9. How does the Tokina 17mm compare to the Nikon 17-35 AFS?
  10. This one is shot through glass at the zoo, and the snake moved (and hence focus was on the wrong part), but it may give you an idea of the bokeh.
  11. Norman,

    I have used a MF 90mm f2.5 Tamron micro lens, and it is wonderful for macro and micro shots due to its excellent sharpness, great saturation, and beautiful bokeh. However, my sample of the Tamron is not quite as impressive for general photography, ay least in my limited experience with it.

    So I would add the V/C 90mm f3.5 close focusing lens for consideration. It has a wonderful combinaton of great sharpness, splendid color rendition, and a fantastic bokeh at all focusing distances.

    And I second the nomination of the 45mm P Nikkor. It is not the best choice for extreme near-far compositions because it displays the typical Tessar bokeh in that specific configuration. Otherwise, mine has always given me superior image renditions.

    My 85mm f1.8 HC (Ai'd) lens makes super sharp and gorgeous images when it is stopped down to f4 or f5.6. But out of focus highlights show up as soft hexagons, which is not really the most desirable shape. And my example is not particularly sharp wide open, which makes focusing it a little harder, even in bright light. But at the current prices, they are hard to pass by. They may be the cheapest great lens that is available for the Nikon mount, and I hesitate to part with mine for that reason.

    Of course the top dog portrait in this focal range is definitely the 85mm f1.4 AFD Nikkor. But that's no secret.
  12. umd


    AF-D 35mm/2.0 and AF 50/1.8.
  13. The new VR 105mm Nikkor is an astoundingly sharp lens. I've used both the 90 and 180mm Tamron and they are outstanding but the 105mm VR beats them both by far, even with the VR turned off.

    That said, you can't beat the Tamron when it comes down to the quality/price ratio.

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