TAMRON 90mm f:2.5 Macro

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by carlos_borges, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. Hello to you all
    Is there anyone who has experience with this lens (TAMRON 90mm f:2.5
    Macro) on OM bodies? How good is it besides the macro capabilities?
    How about wide open (center and corners)?

    Thank you all in advance.
  2. I answered this in the Nikon forum. Suffice it to say I love this lens, and I use it all the time on my OM-1n and OM-4T bodies.
  3. The performance is satisfactory (in several ways, though not
    overall, up with the Zuiko 100 f/2) but the adaptor for use
    with OM is not. The depth-of-field preview digs into your
    finger, and I broke three adaptors before giving up on the lens
    entirely. My example also has some very unpleasant lash in the
    focussing mechanism. (It's the 55mm plastic bodied version.)

    Sorry, I threw out the tests I made with it so I can't answer
    your specific question about wide-open performance.

    I loathe the lens, and mine's for sale (I am in Australia).
  4. I would add that, in my experience, the early 90mm f2.5 which is all metal, and uses 49mm filters, is the best version of this. Also, there are MANY versions of the Olympus Tamron adapters. Some are better than others.
  5. I own one of the early 49mm ones. It's excellent both mechanically and optically. I have no complaints about its sharpness and contrast at any distance.
  6. Mine is great! (it's the 49mm filter version) The front element is not recessed at all, so I advise buyers to get a filter and short hood to protect it.

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