Tamron 180mm macro vs Sigma 150mm macro vs Sigma 180mm Macro vs Canon 100mm macro

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by tal_sarih, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. So I am saving up for a lenses and i'm going to get it soon... I narrowed it down to a couple of lenses.
    Tamron 180 - The good: Amazing optics, great working distance, controlled flare, ghosting, CA and, awsome bokeh, good focus ring for MF, narrow FoV to controll the background. The bad: badass AF, a little pricey.

    Sigma 150 - The good: Better AF than Tamron 'coz of HSM. Good optics, nice bokeh, good focus ring, good CA ghost and flare, long working distance. The bad: MF not as good as Tamron, has focus issues 'coz it's Sigma.
    Sigma 180 - The good: Same as 150. The bad: Focus issues, pricy!
    Canon 100 - The good: AMAZING AF! God what a great speed AF... Acurate and fun! Better bokeh than all of these, Great flare, ghosting, CA. very good MF and FTM is always there. The bad: Lesser working distance, lesser background blurr due to focal length. Less controlled background. Does not show f/5.6 on camera when working (which is important to not get underexposed images.
    Please help me decide which one.. I dont really have a thing for sigma but if you guys says its worth it..
    Also, photonet will not let me write lenses, only lenses.
    Thank you, anyone who replys
  2. I am talking about the none-L version :)
    And i've already read all the reviews everywhere on web.. I just need your guy's opinion
  3. Stop obsessing, go buy one and start shooting. I'd pick Canon 100/2.8
  4. How many times are you going to come to this well before you decide? You've been here before for all practical purposes. http://www.photo.net/canon-eos-digital-camera-forum/00a3Lj
    Any major vendor's lenses these days are likely to be at least OK, so plunge in and do it already.
  5. AF is going to be relatively slow on any macro lens. In your previous post you said you use MF so I'm not sure why you're concerned about the AF speed.
    I own the Sigma 180 and feel it's an outstanding lens - I'm also pretty sure that owners of the Tamron and Canon will say the same about their lenses.
    PBase.com has a search feature where you can find samples taken with just about any lens you want and form your own conclusions about how sharp a given lens might be. Here's a link to some Sigma 180mm images.
  6. I have owned Canon 100, Sigma 150 and Sigma 180. All are excellent. Choose any of them and you can't go wrong.
  7. It sounds like you're the expert here. I don't know why you're asking us, you seem to be the most qualified person to make this decision. And what do you mean by this?
    Does not show f/5.6 on camera when working​
  8. Well, in my opinion, the best macro lens for Canon EOS is the Canon EF 180 L. I had one about 10 years ago, for some reason sold it. I have recently renewed my interest in macro photography, and bought one second hand.
    It is a great lens, but it requires you to slow down and think about what you are doing, which is actually an advantage. With this lens, you shoot at a slow pace, which suits me fine.
  9. Is this you first macro, if so go for a 100mm, as was said to your previous email the most important thing is focal length.

    As a general comment I would stick with a canon brand if you can aford it, but realy all the macro primes are good.
  10. If Erez Marom said Tamron 180/3.5 I'd follow his advice.
    Happy shooting,

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