Tamron 150-600 for sports

Discussion in 'Sports' started by sheryl_bury_michals, May 12, 2014.

  1. Has anyone tried the Tamron 150-600 for sports yet? I have a Canon 100-400 that I've had since 2000, which works fine, but would like a lens with bit more in the distance dept., since I shoot rugby matches and the pitches have become longer and/or wider the past year or so (maybe because the teams are all finally marking regulation size fields). The price makes it a tempting purchase, since bigger Canon lenses are so cost-prohibitive.
    I've seen reviews in various website like B&H in regards to the Tamron for wildlife, but not for sports - but heard at the longer ranges (500-600 mm) it may be hard to focus.
    Bob Atkins gave a great review of this Tamron lens when it first came out, but would like to hear from those who actually use it. I'[m kind of on the fence.
    I have a chance to shoot an All Blacks match here in the states this year, so may want a bigger lens.
  2. I found this review interesting.
    I don't own one but searched around since I was intrigued at the possibility of an affordable 600mm option. It seems like a decent lens if your main concern is having the flexibility of that particular zoom range. However, as you would expect from a super zoom like this it isn't easy for manufacturers to make them tack sharp across the zoom range and the compromise seems to be somewhat soft image quality towards the long end. In the examples and comparisons he shows, a Canon 400mm f/5.6 with a teleconverter is sharper than the Tamron zoomed out to 600. The same Canon lens cropped to 600mm equivalent in post production was still sharper than the Tamron shot natively at 600mm. So if you plan on only shooting more towards the long end then that might be an option as well for a halfway reasonable price.
  3. There's a good review here: Lens Tip
  4. Ive got my hands on the new Sigma 150-600. Its better than my 400mm f5.6 Canon L lens. But it is a lot heavier. Doing a review now as we speak. you can see sample images and updates on the lens here https://www.facebook.com/Scottymcadamphotography

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