"Talk like a Pirate" day September 19th

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  1. AAAAAR......
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  3. On another unrelated forum my username is R Jimlad
  4. Bill Snell

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  5. If you just copy one of the above pictures, in breach of copyright... Does that count?

    Sorry, no Pirate-related pics in my archive whatsoever, shiver me timbers and belay, ye salty dogs!
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  6. Is this home ?? Boat hind-web.jpg
  7. Not only would it count, it would earn you the coveted PN golden ... fleece ... award.
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  8. Could be, except he doesn't look very jolly.
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  9. You sometimes need to explain the Captain Pugwash references.
    Roger the cabin boy and Seaman Stains.

    But apparently never happened, but why let the facts get in way of a good story.
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  10. Tom was the cabin boy. No comment about the second reference.
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