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  1. I just arrived in Taiwan (Taipei) for a conference. I will have some extra time for sightseeing. I am already planning to see the famous gorge at a national park. (I forgot the name, but it starts with "T".) I will also be going to Sun Moon Lake for a couple of days.

    Are there any suggestions for good things to see in Taipei, or at the gorge, or at Sun Moon Lake?


  2. I think the name is Taroko or something. I live in Taipei but have only been there once many years ago. In Taipei I
    suggest you to visit some of the night markets and try the food here. It is very safe to walk around in the city and this
    is pretty much a 24 hour environment. I am in San Francisco now and will be back to Taipei on Sunday. If you need
    any help simply drop me a line. I hope you enjoy your stay here;) Masu.
  3. It depends how much time you have. The weather is much better today, if you're in Taipei now, you should go to Yangminshan. For Sun Moon lake, an afternoon should be enough. Be sure you go to Lu Kang, about one hour from Sun Moon Lake by car, it'sa nice city. Wrong time to go to Taroko just after a Typhoon...
  4. I've been to both Taroko Gorge and Sun Moon Lake. They are both worthwhile trips. There are so many good things there to see and photograph that it would be difficult to cover them all. In Taipei there is the Lung Shan Temple, the Night Market, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial and Sun Yat Sen Memorial. Also the National Museum has some very beautiful Chinese art and jewelry.

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