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  1. After two decades of business flying over Tahiti (well, north of) between Oz and the US,
    we are going there next week. Bora Bora, Moorea and Papeete. I look forward to the
    obvious shots but are you familiar with, lets say, markets, cultural sites, out of the way
    places? I leave with a negative bias toward Papeete. Is this fair? Am stocked up with an
    M3/M7 KC64 and Velvia100 and hope to perfect ambient light metering. Thanks for tips!
  2. Good for you Jim. Stay safe and enjoy yourself. I don't know anything about the area, but wouldn't it be good to also have at least a few rolls of film for low light since you've got two cameras with you. I love KC64 and Velvia for most outside stuff, but I've enjoyed some Kodak E200 pushed to 800. Even a little 400 print film would be handy, but maybe you can get that there? I have no idea. Good travels.
  3. I have only been to Tahiti once, more than ten years ago. At that time, the central market in Papeete was quite nice with a lot of local produce and interesting people. For landscapes, Bora Bora and Moorea are much better, but Papeete is okay for street shooting.
  4. Hey Jim,
    French Polynesia is an amazing place w/ some of the greatest people on the planet. Papeete has a great scene at the Ferry docs, especially on the weekends that you can see and meet interesting people and great inexpensive food. Rent a car or take Le Truck around the island. Amazing surfing is viewable from the beach at Papara and the best waves in the world viewable by boat from other spots. Lots of great roadside vendors, churches, and short hikes. They seem to always have festivals and events that make for great shots too. Moorea and Bora Bora have no city like Papeete so much more small island feel and scenery. Shark feeding in Bora Bora is a must and not as scary as it sounds...maybe bring a disposable water camera if you don't have access to a water housing for all the amazing snorkeling. Great sunset shots w/ the hotel room huts over the water in Moorea and Bora Bora. Enjoy and drink a Hinano for me.
  5. 26 years ago there was a restaurant at the top of a high mountain just a little inland from Papeete. As best as I recall, the road to reach it was so bad that they sent a vehicle down to pick up diners in Papeete and returned them after the meal. This was in my pre-photography days and I can't remember what the views were like but it was a memorable evening.
  6. Have been to Fr Polynesia many times over the years. I like to shoot kayak races at sunset from Papeete. Looking into the sunset, with Moorea as a background is nice. Also, try going to the airport side of Papeete and go up the hill to the cemetary. It overlooks Moorea and the sea between them, for a great scene. Moorea itself has become so built up on its coast, that access to the shore is not as possible as compared to years past. I have stopped going there. As popular as Bora seems to be, it is still much less trampled than Moorea. Try to get up in elevation via several trails/ roads to see the grandure that this island has to offer. Try going to a motu and shoot back toward to main island. When it's not raining here, it can compete with any place that I have ever seen as far as scenery is concerned. Spectacular.

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