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  1. hello, i'm sure someone around here knows the ps trick to do this properly...

    i have a photo, a tabletop shot, and the area around the object needs to be extended (one way) to match a print size/proportion. the background is a spill lit white sweep, so the tone is medium_grey_turns_darker_grey as it gets closer to the edge.

    and i have no idea how to enlargen the canvas area, and have the tone continue to fade to darker still toward the edge as if it was a genuine thing...

    as it is the photo is a standard 2:3 proportion, i need to get it to 4:5, and no, it can't be cropped from the sides.

    . )

    i appreciate all input.

  2. Hi Thorir
    Changing the image size is quite easy in photoshop. Click on Image (in the toolbar along the top of PS) then click 'image size'. Untick the box 'constrain proportions' so you can expand the size without applying the change to all sides. E.G. if you want to only make the width slighter bigger but leave the height the same. Or vice versa.
    Good luck, hope that helps!
    Cheers, Anthea
  3. So many ways to kill in that extra area, Thorir. You could fill an new area with a gradient fill, using an eyedropper to pick up starting/ending colors from the exisiting image. Or, you could copy a section from the other side of the image, flip it, stretch it a bit, and then feather it where it lays over the original.

    Presuming you're not worried about texture in that continuous background, you can hit the stitched-together area with a gaussian blur to help settle down any artifacts from the stitching/overlay.
  4. Also, depending upon the complexity of the subject shot, you could drop it out of the background, and place it on any other background, or create a background with gradients. I'll do this when I need to expand the background to accommodate copy, or unusual dimensions.
    Sample here.
  5. Here's a quick and dirty annotated example.
  6. thanks for suggestions, this might have been just what i needed.
    i'll post the "results" when i get there, if i'm not too embarrassed ,-)
    best - th

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