Tablet vs. plugged in monitor for 5D IV?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by Jochen, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Hello, I'd like to get a flippy screen / WLF substitute, to shoot an odd portrait once in a while. I doubt I'll ever do lengthy video recordings, so tablets' lack of interchangeable batteries shouldn't become a problem.
    Do I sacrifice responsiveness by going for a tablet? How much laggier is transmitting live view via WLAN and the EOS app compared to a wired transmission to a dedicated field monitor?
    Or why else would you recommend getting a monitor?
    Mounting a tablet to my lens' tripod collar seems within my handyman skills range.
    TY very much in advance.
  2. I don't know what WLF is.

    The Tablet Wi-Fi is laggy. roughly Shoot count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,12,14,15... shoot count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15...Several seconds between shots, but if you do this rarely it is pretty cool, very mobile. Wired into the computer is much faster, shoot count 1 shoot count 1, hardly any noticeable delay. About as fast as download transferring one photo via USB 3.

    Unless you are going to get into some serious shooting that you need fast multiple shots or video work and/or vlogging or just have money to buy toys to play with then it may justify the expense to get something like an Atomos Ninja V. I would like one, but until I become a camera reviewer for my YouTube channel or want to start making video content shooting events, I don't need it and my 10 inch Android tablet works just fine for the occasional use I do and I just put up with the delay.

    A nice big tethered monitor hooked with a laptop would be nice in a studio when shooting portraits or models, it could be made portible but may be a hassle, you could have the big monitor and laptop also doing wireless Wi-Fi tethered, you can also set up the wireless Wi-Fi tethering to work through your wireless router. This can be kind of cool because you don't need to drop your internet connection. Still Wi-Fi is laggy, but it works.

    It is up to you which route to go based on your needs and wants and budget.
  3. Thanks for getting back. - Waist Level Finder.
    Sorry to not entirely understand - Are you talking about transferring full size JPEGs to it?
    I am more interested in a tablet's lag as a viewfinder / flippy screen substitute, when it is supposed to display the 1080p video. of the live view. Do you think that is workable if your intention is to catch facial expressions or is it better to get a wired field monitor?
    Is it possible to switch the downloading of the JPEGs off in the app, to keep the live view going between shots? - If they take that long to download it should be faster to turn the camera to chimp histograms on the rear screen.

    Upon big monitors: I don't have any young enough to still run on batteries Windows laptop to run the EOS app and would love to keep everything involved into a shooting single pass portable. I guess I'd hit my payload limits pretty soon bringing a laptop, dedicated light stand and screen shade too. But yes, for studio work shooting tethered sounds very tempting. - I'll try that, once I'll have to switch systems there.
  4. Sorry, I need to correct something I said above. I have not shot with the tablet in several months, and installed VPN software on the tablet. So tonight I attempted making a video showing the lag. I was unable to get the tablet's Canon App to work until I Force stopped the VPN. But I got it working.

    So the delay for just viewing the Liveview through the Tablet is not bad, the LiveView is fairly live actually but not super high res, there is an option to view the the shot file in higher res, it takes about 3 to 4 seconds to show up sharp on the tablet, but the file is still stored on the Camera.

    If you want to download the files to the tablet, you have to back out of live shooting in the Android App and select transfer photos from camera, when you download you are getting JPEG only and you have the option of full res jpeg or a smaller file.

    I believe the longer delay was when i was shooting Wi-Fi with the laptop, and the delay was the RAW files being downloaded to the computer as they were being shot. As I said it has been a few months since I did this with the Canon.

    I am in the process of clearing some photos off a 250 GB SSD Sandisk so I can attempt to copy my Sony Vegas Install CD to the SSD so I can install the Vegas Video editing software on a new laptop that has no CD ROM. Hopefully, I can show you some video of the Android tablet operating the 5D MK IV.

    Hope this makes sense. I hope to have a video clip up shortly provided no more hurdles to go through tonight.

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