TABLE: Maximum Capacity of Minox Cassette

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  1. Film thickness and cassette capacity
  2. Different type of Minox 8x11 film has different thickness, the thinner the film, more exxposures can be packed in one cassette. The following is a table for maximum capacity of Minox (or Acmel ) plastic cassette, with 10mm spool.
    Film Plastic Minox/ACMEL cassette, 10mm spool Brass Minox Cassette
    Agfa APX 25/100/400
    Minopan 25/100/400 52 65
    Agfa Copex Rapid 58 72
    Minocolor 100 52 65
    Ilford PanF Plus 55 70
    Kodak Technical Pan 64 80
    Fuji Super HR 115 140
    • Don't pack Minox cassette to maximum capacity, unless you can attach film lead to the spool very tight; otherwise, uneven tape may add to the diameter of spool, you may not get the maximum, and jam the camera. It is wise to leave some leeway.
    • Remember frames beyond 50 for Minox A/B , and frames beyond 36 for Minox C/LX/TLX/CLX/EC will have wider than normal spacing.
    • Thin film may have little frame spacing at the beginning.
    • Don't use too thick film in Minox cassette.

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