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Would you buy a new one at $700 US?

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  1. No interest at all

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  2. Great product, I'm interested at $700 For M version in black.

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  3. As above, but for LTM in chrome.

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  1. I have and use a black Rapidwinder II as developed and manufactured by Tom Abrahamsson in Vancouver CDN. As I am left eyed, the baseplate replacement trigger film advance means I don't have to take my M4-2 away from my face when shooting multiple images. However with Tom's passing they are no longer made. For those that have one or more, did it work out well? Also is there any demand among Leica film camera users for them as replacements for M and LTM Leicavits that are now broken or considered too valuable to use. As I would like at least two for LTM cameras, I'm hoping there are still those who want one if they went back into production at the same quality level. Mine has made my M4-2 a wonderful user camera.
  2. Have you inquired through Rapidwinder.com? They may not be in production, but It is not too long ago I read that Tuulikki (Tom's wife) still sells what is left and offers repairs - the business is still active.
    The Barnack winder however, was only made in very few copies (25?) probably for a reason.
  3. I have a few bottom winder cameras, but I never found them handy. I think there are reasons that the idea did not spread. But whatever rings your bell, Good luck.
  4. In response to NHSN and JDMvW I've communicated with Tuulikki through Rapidwinder.com and there are no plans to resume production. The 25 LTM versions are long gone. I began with a Leicavit baseplate IIIg which as a lefty made it a better camera for me. As I stated above, I quickly found the Rapidwinder made my M4-2 into a really usable camera. I realize that demand and a resulting production run for any Rapidwinder version would be limited, but I've found a precision tooling firm willing to look at small pre-paid production runs. This post is to determine whether any interest exists at all for either type of Rapidwinder.

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