T90 Vertical Release?

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  1. On the T90 Wikipedia page under accessories I found this:

    "Vertical shutter release: actually an accessory, since it required no camera modification. A vertical shutter
    release, convenient to the right index finger when holding the camera vertically, was available from Canon
    Professional. It fitted into the remote control socket on the camera at that location."

    Has anyone seen or own a T90 with this modification?
  2. There is one on eBay right now. Sorry I tried to leave a link but it won't let me. Do a search for T90 and it should come up.
  3. Pix of T90 I sold with VRB. http://homepage.mac.com/denik2/PhotoAlbum14.html A few discussions on it's use in the Yahoo
    FDgroup email archives.
  4. A slightly larger and slightly less known version of a T90 vertical release can be seen here: http://www.vp7.de/grip/t90grip.html

    I fear it never made it to mass market though :)
  5. awahlster

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    It is just a button switch that screws into the T3 connection socket And yes at least one guy tried to make some for sale WONDER WHO THAT WAS????

    The EOS battery compartment adapter is really a very different critter the T-90 vertical release button is tiny smaller then a sewing thimble.
  6. Mark, I did get a crude one 1/2 working but way too much time & would
    have to charge $$$ for my intellectual knowledge. LOL!
    Freebie: Way easier to velcro 60T3 on bottom of T90. :D
    What Canon should have done was to put a locking shutter release
    like they used on the F1N Winder at the T3 socket location & move
    the T3 socket to the bottom right back of the body.
  7. This is an old thread, but I thought some one might want to see photos of this very rare T3 socket "Vertical Release Button" SSC-E0482

    "fits any T3 socket, so it's compatible with T50, T70, T80 & T90 cameras as well as the EOS-1, EOS 5/A2E/A2, and the EOS 620/30/50/RT series when those cameras are fitted with optional grip GR-20"

    5D3_1224aa.jpg 5D3_1227aa.jpg 5D3_1225aa.jpg
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  8. I bought my first camera in 1986, a used Canon A1, before I moved up to my T90 around 1989. In the mid 1990s I didn't know that the Vertical Shutter Release even existed in Australia - until I found one that was for sale for nearly $150! I passed on that price and later sold my T90s when I moved in to EOS 5, 3 and then digital. But about 2009 I did buy a well looked after T90 body and started to find for some of the accessories, including a modestly priced VSR from Italy. I've installed it permanently but you need to keep attention as it can un-thread itself and disappear. I also found that installing the VSR is quite easy to cross thread it, which would ruin your day. All I need now is a Data Memory Back 90. Regards all.
  9. $150 sounds awful expensive. Mine cost about £15 back in 1992 or thereabouts. One of the best value accessories I ever bought!
  10. I have one, but I don't use it because it digs into my hand when the camera is held horixontally.
  11. Bet neither of them has the eyecup... ;)

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