T90 top plate removal procedure?

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by astral, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. I have the service manual for the T90, but am missing the description of how to remove the top plate/cover, (there are only 2 visible screws ...) Does anyone know how to remove it please?
    Also, I'm dismantling/recycling a T90; if anyone needs any (easy to get to) parts please let me know asap, and I'll see if they can be separated.
  2. You need to take off the front plate first, before you can take off the top cover
  3. Thanks - with the front off I can only see the 2 screws that obviously hold the top cover. I'm heading for the strap right hand strap lug and control panel. The manual suggests that the removal procedure is largely the same for all T models, but unhelpfully omits any details!
  4. 2 screws on the front, one on the right strap lug, two left and right of the viewfinder, then also remove the eyepiece lever before lifting up the top cover
  5. Many thanks - the eyepiece screw fooled me: the next steps are in the manual.
  6. Good luck Alan. I had my T90 a couple of steps beyond the top plate removal, and wisely put it back together after seeing all the junk in there. Physically beat the nikon out of it on a pillow and it still works about 4 years later. Tom
  7. Ketil Johansens manual for the MLU modification seems to have been closed / down, but there is still the wayback-machine:
  8. Thanks folks. Just for info, I picked up a nice working T90 for £10, but the RHS strap lug is broken. A friendly repairer has given me a damaged (by working) one to cannibalise, and loaned me a manual, so I'm having a peek inside to see "what's what". I'll replace the strap lug, and maybe the LCD and minor parts like focussing screen, but that's about all ... it's all very 'modern' inside compared to a Spotmatic!
  9. Some like the modern camera interiors more that the old, some don't.
    For repair I like the older mechanic cameras more - those I could understand. For creation of gadgets (bellows etc) I am happy with the Canon EF bajonett and electronic cummunications.

    £10 for a working T90 sounds good!
  10. All complete ... and the camera still works! But the electronics inside are pretty scary ...
  11. Alan, you have more cajones than I do. Many/most cameras I wouldn't think twice about dismantling to effect some repair, not that I necessarily know what I'm doing, but the T90 is too precious to me. It'd be like trying to operate on my own cat.

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