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Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by mubeen_mughal|2, Jun 28, 1999.

  1. Need to find out where I can purchase through mail order a new Split Image focusing screen, and the expected cost?
  2. Mubeen,


    You just need to start searching the used camera equipment places.
    B&H Photo (www.bhphotovideo.com) shows focusing screens on their flyer
    and web page, but not exactly which ones. You will have to call to
    find out if they have the one you want.
  3. Before you buy that new screen for your T-90, please let me put in my
    $0.02 worth. Quite a few years ago I read in a George Lepp column
    that every professional he ever met all had P screens in their
    cameras. The P is just an alphabetical designation. The screen is a
    clear glass (NO center circle or split viewing) and it has horizontal
    and verticle lines engraved on it. That's all!! It is nothing more
    than a tic-tac-toe design, but I can't begin to tell you the
    wonderful change this screen makes.


    Naturally focusing is easier, that's to be expected. What it causes
    you to do AUTOMATICALLY, is keep horizons balanced, place centers of
    interest at the power points, etc., etc. It is, without a doubt, one
    of the very wisest purchases I have ever made. Before you buy, ask
    around your camera club--you do belong to at least one camera club I
    hope-- to look through the viewfinder of a camera that has such a
    screen installed. It will sell itself to you on the spot.


    Good luck, and remember to ENJOY your hobby.
  4. Thanks y'all for your input!

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