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Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by rene|4, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. Can anyone help? Last week I turned on my T90 and as I checked the batteries
    without film I took 1 shot. After that I got an EEE on the LCD display and
    when I looked in the view finder it said HELP. I took a look on the manual and
    it says to take off the batteries and try again but if it continues doing that
    it has to be sent to Canon. I took it to a camera shop but said that canon can
    not fix them anymore! Manual page 88.
    It seems to be able to take pictures but after 1 shot the EEE and the HELP
    show up again.
    Has anyone had this problem? Is it time to throw it away?
  2. This seems to be quite a common problem, which I believe is the camera shutter sticking which is more apparent for longer shutter times (someone correct me if im wrong). There has been quite a few posts on this subject -check out the older posts on the fd forum. You can get this repaired for around ?50 here in the UK (not sure where you are). In the meantime you may be able to press the battery check button under the side panel to reset the camera when this error appears (worked for me) rather than remove the batteries.
  3. EEEEE is a common problem with under used T90's.

    I'm ashamed to say mine was in the cupboard long enough to do this recently and had to go away for a service.

    You might be lucky enough to get it going again by repeatedly re setting it if the shutter is firing at all.

    Good luck

  4. Had this same problem years ago and it was not the body. The 'help' is also displayed when the lens has difficulty stopping down. Try removing the lens and see if it makes a difference. BTW, if this is the case, it can often be replicated without wasting film by cycling the preview button.

    A lens is easier to repair as most camera shops will still work on them. If it's a 50 f/1.8 it's cheaper to just get another one.

    Let us know how it goes.


  5. I fixed my T90 for about $135 quite recently. It is something that must be done eventually.

  6. Hi guys! I'm not sure if any of you are still taking a look here but the thing is they call me from the camera shop and told me that my T90 had been fixed! I'm really happy about it! The guys in Canon (Japan) most be very slow workers! They charged me about $143 US at today's rate so i think that wasn't too bad! The only problem is now I got too many cameras coz I bought a Nikon D80. Well thanks a lot for your time and advices!

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