T Mount adapter with focus confirmation chip

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by vince, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. I have used my old Vivitar One 800 f/11 solid cat with several DSLRs including my 80D. Results are good enough for my application, but I find it increasingly difficult to confirm focus visually or with Live View. I believe it's my aging eyes.
    I want to add a focus confirmation chip adapter to the T Mount to provide data to the 80D. Exposure information would be nice, but I generally shoot in manual with that lens because shots are rarely spontaneous and there is plenty of time to prepare. Still, is it possible to get one preset to f/11 instead f/1.8 like most are?
  2. I'd suggest a magnifier attachment.
    Such as these are widely available on eBay and other on-line sources

    in my experience
    1. these glue-on chips can cause positive damage to the circuitry if not placed exactly right
    2. don't actually work very well even when they don't short-circuit.
  3. I'll look into the magnifier. Thanks JD.

    And after doing some more homework I realize that whether or not the chip convinces the camera there's a lens attached, autofocus at f/11 is virtually impossible.

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