T-adapter and t-ring for Alpha 100

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  1. Hi
    Please could someone help? I'm new to this but I'd like to get a t-adapter and
    t-ring for a Sony Alpha 100 so it can be used with a Tasco 1.25" telescope,
    Galaxsee 46060525 (to give as a special christmas present). The camera is,
    sadly, not mine, but I'm told it has a Minolta Dynax mount

    Please could someone explain a) what's best to get - is there a quality
    difference between makes? Do the ring and adapter have to be the same make to
    be compatible? (eg Celestron seem to do an adapter but not a ring for Sony)
    and b) where to get them?)

    Also please could someone explain or suggest what is needed to attach the
    camera to a microscope - its an old 0.9"/23.1mm meopta A 12 P, made in
    Czechoslovakia in 1970!

    Thanks very much
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    Hi Judy,

    A T-mount-adapter was the first invented and released by Tamron (hence the "T" in the description) in the late 1950's as a way to make lenses interchangeable between different 35mm film single lens reflex (SLR) cameras. Tamron never "patented" it so it's NOT restricted, and ALL T-mounts are the same EXCEPT for the camera-body-end - each matches one and only one camera body style. The lens end is identical for ALL T-mounts so ALL T-mount lenses fit the front of the T-mount-adapter, then the rear of each T-mount-adapter fits whatever camera body it's made for.

    You're right in getting a T-mount-adapter for the Minolta / Konica Minolta / Sony Alpha / Dynax / Maxxum AF A-mount / Alpha-mount camera body - they are ALL the same (since 1985!). ANY make will do, none are name brand anymore, and all have house-names like "Bower" or "Cambridge" or "Adorama" or whatever - store-name repackaging of UFO original stuff - NOTHING SPECIAL. T-mounts are the OLDEST interchangeable lens design for SLRs, thank you Tamron!

    Try http://www.srbfilm.co.uk/ or equivalent supplier, expect ~$15-20US or equivalent (200% markup from cost?!?). Google search for [t mount minolta af] at


    ... brings many local resources - ALL GOOD and ALL EQUAL. For example:


    Your microscope may need a T-mount OR a C-mount or whatever the maker designed it for - what do they say? C-mounts can be found at places like Edmunt Optics


    Compact C-to-T Adapter http://www.edmundoptics.com/onlinecatalog/displayproduct.cfm?productID=1316&search=1
    This component adds 12.57mm to system length. Choose either a female T-Thread to male C-Thread (#53-483), or male T-Thread to female C-Thread (#58-753)....

    Standard C-to-T Adapter http://www.edmundoptics.com/onlinecatalog/displayproduct.cfm?productID=1827&search=1
    Adapter has a female T-thread at one end and male C-thread on the other. Component is 41.8mm long, including 4mm long male C-thread and adds 37.8mm to system length. Set screws to adjust orientation....

    Let us know what you do and how it works out. Very exciting photography they have planned!

    Click! Peter Blaise, Minolta Rokkor Alpha DiMage Photographer
  3. nrb


    A T-mount in a slide copier will allow a cheap solution for film digitalization at the resolution of the camera sensor. Yesterday I tried this with my KM 5d, pending a problem with my Scan Dual IV, and the results were not bad.
  4. Judy:

    Your reference telescope Galaxsee 46060525 does not come with a 1.25" eyepiece to male T-mount adapter. You will need to get that plus a female T-mount adapter for the sony. Here is a link where you can get both type of adapters. You will need both to do what you want. Hook up a Sony A100 to a telescope. Note: The Sony A100 mount is the same as an Minolta AF Maxxum mount. It will set you back for about $45 total.


    For the microscope you want a T-mount adapter for a 23.1mm eyepieces. With the microscop set up, you will want one that the eyepieces fit with-in the T-mount adapter. This is to get higher magnetfication with eyepiece projection. Edmund has them. See link in above post.

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