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  3. Burroughs Computers bought controlling interest in Sperry Uivac to become Unisys meaning 2 computer architectures Screenshot_20180325-133941-picsay.jpg
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  4. Seen in Cambodia, "save this tree." It's a rosewood, but on government land, and as lumber it would be worth about a million dollars.

    don't' cut this tree.jpg
  5. Santuario de Chimayo, New Mexico

  6. Trisquel-shaped stone bench. "The Triskele" is one of the oldest Celtic symbols (about (4400-3600 BC)
    0045a Raro Curioso Asiento Piedra de Tres Símbolo Celta Trisquel Molina-NAI24.jpg Nikkor Ai 24
  7. Berlin-04-04-Treptower-Sov-Ehrenmal-2r-a crp.jpg
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    TONY0152 - symbol.jpg

    Ferret on a Unicycle​
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  10. The passage_02.JPG
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