SX-70 Daylab Base Needed

Discussion in 'Extreme, Retro, Instant and More' started by robertshults, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. In order to print my next body of work, I would like to rent or purchase an SX-70 Daylab base. I would greatly appreciate any specific leads on locating this apparently rare item. Please allow me to thank you, in advance, for your assistance.
  2. Might have been easier about 10 years or so ago.
    I can only suggest haunting eBay and Google. Everything I found was basically in the "way-back machine".
  3. Is film available?
  4. I happen to have a SX-70 Daylab base if you are still searching after all these years.
  5. The OP last logged on over 5 years ago.

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