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  1. I'm sorry to bring this subject up in the 'Wedding forum', but the other day i had to shoot a wedding and I took my camera of choice, the Canon 7D. The Ceremony was in a very small church and the click-clack from the Camera could be heard echoing through the walls. The guest were very polite, but I could tell the "click clack" of the shutter began grating on their nerves.

    I recently purchase a used Nikon D7100 because I wanted to use it with my collection of 20 Nikkor manual focusing lenses which are currently sitting in a bag in my closet. However, I noticed how quiet the shutter is on that camera and this is without using the quiet shutter mechanism. I also own a Pentax K-5 II, which also has a quiet shutter and which I brought to this wedding. because of some special lenses. When I switched cameras (from Canon to Pentax) the people seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. I love Canon and everything and have been a Canon user for the past 15 years, but enough is enough, the shutter is just not getting any quieter on those cameras...
  2. Sorry, I am not familiar with your 7D. Back at school I caught flak for shooting the reader of a poem when she (finally!) looked up into the audience with my LX, motordrive turned off, but still the shutter went like a gun shot through the silence.
    I have elderly Pentax DSLRs and a M9 based Leica to compare to my 5D IV and must say: These 2 FF bodies seem to be a wash, sound wise. Maybe the Leica benefits from being mirrorless but the recocking mechanism is awfully noisy and the EOS feels far from "loud" to me.

    Do what you have to do, but if noise is your concern, shop for silent!
    IDK whose latest and greatest MILC is noisier than who else's. Hit an electronics mall, listen around and dive into reviews. I don't believe that Nikon DSLRs could be lightyears ahead of Canon's.

    Maybe we should both download a silly noise metering app and start measurebating in this thread? (I'm curious and willing to learn. I just can't believe that Canon makes no competitive camera at all and think the 7D, intended as a sports and wildlife submachine gun, could be noisier than other bodies.)
  3. You can get a mirrorless with a completely silent electronic shutter. They’re not perfect - they can produce odd results akin to the “roll shutter” of some DSLR video, though usually they work correctly. Several companies’ cameras have this option, though I can only vouch for Fuji’s, which does make the camera almost completely silent.
  4. Your option for your current camera is, rather than shooting a LOT, be more selective and shoot less, just like we did in the film days.

    If I need SILENT (when shooting a concert), I bring my Olympus EM1, and switch to silent/electronic shutter.

    I "think" the Nikon dSLR quiet mode spreads the shot sequence wider; mirror up, shutter, mirror down. The sound is spread out over a bit more time, so it "sounds" quieter. But not all Nikon dSLR have that option.

    If this is your business, you need to equip for the gig.
  5. he he
    I remember the blimps :)
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  6. The mirrorless Canon EOS RP has a very silent shutter mode.It would solve your shutter noise problem and probably be a better wedding camera all around.
  7. I would check EVF lag first.
    I can easily shoot the bouquet toss with my dSLR, but I won't even try it with my Olympus EM1-mk1. The fraction of a second frozen frame will totally mess up my ability to track the tossed bouquet. This is the same problem that I have when shooting fast sports with the EM1.
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