Switching from D70 to D200

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by laura_dunn, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. I currently own a D70 and D70s. I am looking to get a D200, getting rid of the
    D70 and will use the D70s for backup/second camera. From what I understand,
    the batteries (both en-el3 and en-el3a) I have for both the D70 and D70s will
    work with the D200, as well as the CF cards, lenses, and my SB600 and SB800.
    If this is wrong, can someone please let me know. Thanks.
  2. "From what I understand, the batteries (both en-el3 and en-el3a) I have for both the D70 and D70s will work with the D200" - you understand wrong.

    While both types of batteries will work on D70, only the new battery type with 3 contacts will work on D200.
  3. great, thanks!
  4. ky2


    Get a higher capacity CF card.
  5. Also switched from D70 to D200. Yoo will need more batteries too. I have four. Shot 2
    littleague games tonight and used 2.6 batteries.
  6. Agree with Jim. 3 batteries is an absolute minimum if you do any serious long term shooting. 4 would be preferable. :)

    The D200 only takes EN-EL3e batteries, but all of your CF cards, lenses, and your SB600s and 800s should work perfectly.

    Having also stepped up from a D70, I can say it was more than worth it, and the camera really delivers the goods if you know how to use it. :)
  7. Yes, i am aware that I will need larger CF cards, I only have 1 and 2 gigs now, but moving up from 6 to 10 megapixels will use them up real fast!

    Thanks to everyone for your input. My dad will be taking my D70 and he's concerned his speedlight won't work, although he's in Iraq at the moment without his speedlight, so we don't even know which one it is....anywa, thanks again. I'm looking forward to the upgrade, once I find one in stock!
  8. The size difference is huge, D70 to D200. My 1gb card on the D200 holds about 54
    RAW+JPG files, on the D70s it's 166 or so!

    Dave - who just got a new D70s today
  9. Both EN EL3 and EN EL 3E batteries will operate in the D70/D70s but only the EL3 battery which has a special IC build into the pack (so only Nikon batteries can be used) will operate the D200. This eliminates the generic battery. The chargers for both cameras will work on either battery. If you place the EL battery into the D200 it will fit BUT it will not turn on.
  10. ShunCheung

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    Just to clarify, only the EN-EL3e (with E) can be used on the D200. The oridinal EN-EL3 cannot even be inserted into the D200, unless you use a lot of force and damage the camera.

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