SW: The River Spree with the TV Tower in Berlin (Germany)

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  1. 01 - SW Fernsehturm Spree hell 1200.jpg
    The River Spree with the TV Tower in Berlin (Germany)​

    I'm just trying my hand at, well, rather experimental SW images.

    Best regards, Uli
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  2. I like the sky's top portion but the image is overprocessed creating halos around the buildings and trees against the sky.
  3. The Fernsehturm?

    I agree with Dieter about the halos. However, leaving that it's still overprocessed for my taste--too dark and too high in contrast. It looks unnatural, and much of the detail is gone because it's so dark. Also, it has two competing high-contrast focal points that compete to draw the eye: the building on the right and the bright spot in the sky.

    But that's just my taste.
  4. Yes, the halos are too strong, I have to work on that.

    I didn't want it to be a classic image. Overall, I wanted two things:

    1. In general: To create a rather graphically austere, almost hard image.
    2. Specifically: Since Berlin is neither beautiful nor charming - but very interesting - , to create a contradictory, dramatic image.

    Best regards, Uli
  5. Regarding my general idea of the photo, please see my answer to Dieter Schaefer.

    On the two focal points. My idea was that they should stand opposite each other and thus create a connection. Obviously, I didn't succeed very well.

    Thanks for your comments.

    All the best, Uli
  6. Normally, I dislike such "pseudo-HDR" images with enhancement of local contrast. But... that one is so much over-the-top as to make iv a viable proposition in the "abstract" genre.
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  7. Summer75x03.JPG

    I believe the same tower, but a different view.

    High Speed Ektachrome in the E4 days.
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  8. Summer75y04.JPG
    Another tower in Berlin.

    On the right is a digital clock, with the white blocks being,
    from the top down, 5 hours and 1 hours, and the yellow
    blocks 5 minutes and one minutes, each.

    As above, High Speed Ektachrome in the E4 days.
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  9. It's different, I like it. Then I'm a film noir kind of guy.
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  10. What the heck. Since this thread has morphed into a thread on images of Berlin, here's something entirely different, although also on the River Spree.

  11. Berlin-2-18-Fernseht-u-Marienkirche72r.jpg
    Fernseht-u-Marienkirche 1972
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  12. I like the overall composition and the clouds. With some work, it could be a very good moonlit nighttime scene.
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