"Sussex Light" - my first book

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  1. Hullo,
    I've just (self-)published my first book on Blurb, "Sussex Light". A compilation of my landscape photographs summing up 5 years of my work in Sussex, UK - 80 pages full of images with minimum text. The book is fully previewable here:
    Thanks for taking a look,
    all the best,

  2. Some nice, strong images. Did you lay it out yourself?
  3. Thanks for popping in. Yes, I used "booksmart", Blurb's little application for layout.
  4. Outstanding work. So many stunning images!
  5. Thank you Jeff, glad you found something of interest in there.
  6. Excellent. I have been to a lot of those locations and your pictures do it justice (unlike mine!).
  7. Many thanks, Steve. Since you know those places you can appreciate the amount of effort I put into photographing them, Sussex is not the most spectacular or photogenic area in the UK ;-). While to many "outsiders" this compilation may look like just another bunch of landscape shots.
  8. You are right. There are a lot of locations which look like they might make good photographs but in normal light they are rather bland. You have managed to capture them in some great light which shows the textures and undulations of the land to its best advantage.
  9. Congratulations on the many very nice images. Beautiful, enjoy.

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