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  1. Few days ago i had to shoot these dogs for a client.Everything went really
    well,got some shots,but in all the mayhem of working with three big crazy dogs
    i hadn't noticed till the last five minutes that i forgot to change the
    settings;I shot everything in smallest resolution (from10D).I only hoped she
    wouldn't order any A3+(13by19)prints,but she did.I uprezzed them to the the
    right size and started printing.So what do you think they looked like?They
    looked great,good detail and sharpness,no problems whatsoever.On top of that
    much quicker to work with.It doesn't mean I would do again,just makes you
  2. It's nice when you get lucky for a change<g>.
  3. I can't resist asking if they were guide dogs...Sorry.

    1.5MP upsized to a 13x19" print does sound a bit much for a critical viewer.
  4. (Bob)Hence the title,W

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