superfast ratings but only 159 online?

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by mrstubbs, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. Eight ratings within one minute? A bit sus.
  2. Well, it took me almost an hour to get to it. SILLY ME! HA

    And well, I never sign out. I seem to always be on. Because I never close my window. HA

    SO, really 158 people in Australia :) ~ he he

    That does seem weird.
  3. I posted three photos this evening, and all of them had five rates from new members, and all were garnered in a few minutes (maybe instantaneously, since I didn't look right away.)

    Each now has eight rates, but three of the rates on each seem to be 'legit' -- reflecting the value of the photo and for one photo there is a non-anomymous rater among the eight.

    I agree, the ratings tonight seem suspect - I would gather all five 'new member' rates are in the 3-4 range, based on analysis of ratings on all three images.

    Just a heads up and a confirmation of the observation above.

    John (Crosley)

    (as I posted this, I got a popup e-mail notice of a new post on this exact subject, so probably the two threads should be combined.)

  4. See the linked forum post in which moderator Bob Atkins states he removed 4,000 posts, apparently from 'bots'.

    Thanks Bob.

    John (Crosley)

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