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  1. needs a rangefinder forum. This isn't a toy camera but it's
    pretty radical and fairly alternative.<p>
    <a href=""> Bessa L <a>
  2. Cool camera. Only it isn't actually a rangefinder, is it? Anyway, those are included under the Leica Forum.
  3. Wow.Those are just stunning.
  4. Gene, you probably know this, but here is a great place to talk about these cameras at
  5. Gene

    Those are great. I bet you could make a Mona Lisa with a can of salt and a bottle of beer.

  6. Go to the Leica Forum. You will get good responses there. I think rangefinder and viewfinder are the same thing.

    I'm looking to buy a wide angle CV for my Leica M2 with a finder (like 21mm).

    Also, try the Rangefinder Forum. We are very accepting there.
  7. Mmmm...salt and beer.........
  8. I'm afraid of The Leica Forum. Those guys are really tough. I might get hit by a purse or something.
  9. If rangefinder and viewfinder are the same thing, then my Dollar Camera and my Holgas count as Rangefinders...

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