Super Nettel I Shutter Repair

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  1. I thought I would shoot a couple rolls with my Super Nettel I which was a
    mistake, perhaps. The camera is in excellent condition and the shutter had
    been working very well. To access and clean the inner lens, I cocked the
    shutter, set it on B, and opened the shutter. After light cleaning of the
    lens, the shutter closed as expected but from that point on it would no longer
    operate. The advance continues to turn but the shutter no longer sets. I hate
    to tackle the repair on these old Contax I-type shutters.

    I replaced the ribbons once on my Contax I but this doesn't seem to be a ribbon
    problem. Any suggestions? Perhaps a good repair shop in Europe? Thanks for
    any help.
  2. I had a similar problem with my Contax II a while ago and I sent it to repair. At first I thought that there was a problem with the shutter ribbons. Actually it was a small part in the rewind knob that had broken. It was the part that delivers the movement in the knob to the winding mechanism when winding. The repairman made me a new part and now it works again.

  3. I found that if I lift the advance knob while turning, both shutter curtains set normally. There is still no control over shutter speed but at least it tells me that the ribbons are still there. The problem may be similar to yours, however, I live south of Rome and the only repairmen who I ever heard of have grown old and retired apparently.
  4. I don't have my Super Nettel in front of me & don't remember if it has the same feature (like the Contax II/III), but is it possible that you've accidentally engaged the shutter release lock (don't know if that's the correct term)? IIRC, on a Contax II/III, it engages if you rotate the shutter release button so that the red dot aligns w/that on the wind knob.
  5. Ahhhh! Stupendo! I didn't even know there was such a setting on the release button. However, you're right and I had accidentally rotated the release button which caused the problem. Tomorrow I load it and go shoot some B&W.

    Thanks Christopher.

  6. No problem. Same thing happened to me when I got my 1st Contax II & didn't have the instruction manual. The feature is useful for making very long exposures on the "B" setting.

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