Super Ikonta B 530/16 frame count

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  1. Hi, Folks,
    I have been researching on the operation of the Super Ikonta B 530/16 folder, in anticipation of getting one soon. The instruction manual says the B model makes 11 6x6 shots on a roll of 120 film (the BX model with a meter makes 12 shots). The camera has automatic frame spacing mechanism, but also has a ruby window. My question is, can I somehow disengage the automatic frame spacing mechanism and use the ruby window to get 12 shots? Of course I don't want to permanently alter the camera in doing so.
  2. You will have to destroy a roll of film and see if that row of numbers has a "12" on it. If it does, you might be able to leave the counter mechanism loose during the loading process and then not set/re-engage the counter. This camera has a convoluted loading sequence and such a thing might be possible. I have never tried it with mine. It's a fun, old camera and takes very respectably decent pictures, so have fun.
  3. I have a 1937 Super Ikonta B since the early 1980's. It's a wonderful camera and I would caution you not to try to fool the counting mechanism as it's almost a given the camera will jam. The 11 count feature was adopted to avoid losing part of an image at the beginning or the end because of the use of wood core (thicker) metal end spools found back in those days. You'll notice the spacing on the negatives is wider with 11 shots. My 1954 Simmon Omega(American made) 6x7 only makes 9 exposures with wider spacing because of push pull advance issues and similar problems cropped up on 12 shot Rapid Omega(Japan) after considerable wear and hard use, so spacing became a problem.
  4. My BX also had a window but it didn't line up with any of the numbers on the backing. Don't know what it was for.
  5. Thanks folks for the replies. Sounds like I had better accept the camera as is. 11 shots is a small sacrifice for being able to use a wonderful camera from the '30s. Heck, it wasn't until late '90s that the 645 format SLRs became capable of making 16 shots. Used to be only 15 shots whether it's Pentax, Mamiya or Bronica.

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