Super Baldina vertical RF alignment - help please!

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by vidom, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. I got this today. I had no opportunity to test it yet, but from closer inspection i know that the RF is out of vertical alignement. Does anyone have an idea how to vertically align the RF with this camera? Thank you! Peter
  2. As there were no responses, I had to find out myself. Maybe this helps someone else sometime. Actually, RF adjustment is very simple with this camera. There are metal cover plates on both sides of the finder on the top plate. After removing the one on the left (when the lens is facing away from you) by unscrewing two small screws that hold it, there are two adjustment screws accessible through holes in the top plate. Adjustment is by trial and error, as both screws affect vertical and horizontal adjustment at the same time.
  3. I've looked at these cameras many times, what is your opinion of it? I would love to
    see some images samples.

  4. My Super Baldina is a bit newer than yours.

    <img src="">
  5. @ Michael: My Super Baldina (3rd. version, from 1938 on) is a pre war Dresden made camera. Actually, now I own two of these. The one pictured in this thread is quite rare because it has the 2/50 Xenon, it isn't even listed in the latest McKeown with this lens. My other one is the more common one with 2,8/50 Xenar. Your's is a post war early '50s Balda Bünde camera; the Balda owners fled from the GDR after the war and reopened a Balda facory in the west. Balda still exists AFAIK, but they don't produce cameras anymore.

    @ Todd: I have shot a test roll (my usual brick church) with it so I know it works and I got the rangefinder adjustment right, but I had no time yet to print and I have no means to make high quality neg scans. From the looks of the negs this camera is capable of quite sharp pics with relatively low contrast from f/5,6 on; at wider apertures pictures become very soft. It is a very interesting camera from a technical point of view with it's art deco counter and automatic parallax correction. If I find the time I may post a feature of this camera and my Weltini II of the same vintage that also has a Xenon, including some sample pictures, still to be made.
  6. This is my super baldina with the Schneider lens.
    I have yet to test it but it looks good.
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