Super Angulon and Ektars (combing the Nantahala River)

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  1. decided to go up to the nantahala river today, overcast, great day for shooting some more chromes, yes yes blurry water shots, I just couldnt help it, its all about getting the depth of field you know. : )) gotta stop down. lenses used are the 47mm Sa, 153mm ektar, and the 127 ektar. shot with a 6x9 back, toyo view 45gII
  2. btw these were shot on fuji provia 100
  3. shot 3
  4. shot 4
  5. shot 5
  6. the 47 i use is the f8, very wide, not sure what that is in the upper right corner, i try to get everything out of the way when shooting with this lens. shot 6
  7. shot 7
  8. the image with the 127 was like a 1 minute exposure, it was getting very late. shot 8
  9. last one i think
  10. I love each taken by the 153 Ektar. Wow. Nice lens, nice shots!
  11. superb images. I love shooting waterfalls.
  12. thanks guys for the nice comments, i forgot one
  13. I love the ektar 127mm lovely spot to sit and watch the water go by !
  14. F'in 'A
    Those are gorgeous. Wall hangers for sure!
  15. Stunning ! You're love'n that E6 film aren't you?
  16. thanks lauren that is a very nice spot, i have been there many times, its very quiet, I could barely see to focus that image, it was getting very late and it was raining too, a friend of mine was holding an umbrella over me, that one was the longest of the exposures and the color seemed to have shifted a bit but it fits the scene. thanks again for the nice comments
  17. yes cliff im really enjoying it, especially this time of year, its great, looking forward to the next couple of weeks.
  18. Very nice photos. I have never heard of the river before. Where is it located?
  19. hi Jim, the river is located in western north carolina, its really a beautiful area. its very close to the cherokee indian reservation, about a half hour drive for me.
  20. John,
    I've kayaked that river, ending at Nanthala Outdoor Center, but the stretch I've kayaked is quite mellow compared to your pics.
    I'm assuming you shot these a bit upstream of NOC?
    Wonderful images, by the way.
  21. That 153mm Ektar is just superb.
    Outstanding photographs.
  22. Inspiring !
  23. Good stuff, John! The Ektars are coming up nicely.
  24. Lovely stuff John; keep up the good work.
  25. thanks fellows for the comments, doug, the place i got these shots was actually up in the community of Nantahala, quet a ways up from where people put in there rafts, i was wanting to do some down by the outdoor center but there were way too many folks running around. thanks for your comment Gene, that means alot. Colin i was really happy with the 153 ektar and how well it did, i was reading the other day somenone commented on the ektar linup and said that the 153 was the worst of the bunch, guess he had gotten a bad example. i bought the one i have from keh, bargain grade for 55.00, thanks again
  26. I rode my Harley over the Nantahala Skyway (tail o' the dragon) coming in from Tennesee into North Carolina. I wish I'd had a camera with me, beautiful country, great shots.
  27. Sorry John, that was the Cherohala Skyway (Deals Gap) but still the same neck of the woods.
  28. Thanks, John. Next time I'm down there, I'll have to explore upstream a bit more. Beautiful scenes, beautifully captured.
    Tom Scott: I'm also a motorcyclist, and US-129 is "The Dragon". Nearby is Cherohala Skyway. Then all around that area are incredible motorcycle roads, without any fame at all, and no crowds. Example: come into Hot Springs NC from the south, and that road is fantastic - then get a massage and soak in a hot tub along the French Broad river in small town of Hot Springs. Perfect ending to a good day.
  29. oh yes i have been down the dragons tail many times, very dangerous road for folks that dont know how to drive it and they try to take it too fast.
  30. Yes, I see what you are saying Doug, the reason for the confusion on my part is we made 2 sides of the loop in one trip, we started in Tenn. and went east (acutually SE) on 129 and then made the loop back west on the Cherohala before heading south again. It made for a good days ride, especially on a '77 lowrider, there is no going slow enough to keep the running boards from scraping pavement.
  31. John: These are quite beautiful shots! and makes me feel very confident to buy the lens I've wanted through which is also bargain rated. I'm curious what kind of scanner you use as I'm quite impressed with the scans as well: thanks for sharing
  32. thanks jared, i would never hesitate to buy anything bargain grade from keh, as a matter of fact the 47mm SA was also bargain grade, the scanner i have is the epson v700, ive had it for going on 3 years, great machine.
  33. John, will the V700 scan 4x5? I recently picked up a Speed Graphic and Jobo tank system but, my canoscan 8800F won't scan 4x5 negs. At the prices everyone wants for scanning (and processing color film) in 4x5, I'm seriously thinking of getting rid of it.
  34. Yes. I can scan up to 8x10. Its a great scanner
  35. john, in that case please pass on any scanning hints for your v700 as I have the same one and I can't say that I've ever seen such results: thanks!
  36. Get your tail over to Roaring Fork. Best time is around 8 am when the sunlight is streaking through the trees. It's amazing with so much water running through there right now.
  37. John,
    Gorgeous shots of the Nantahala . Makes we want to tie up some sculpin minnows and my personal "Golden Boys'" ( long-shank streamer with dark yellow chenille body wrapped in copper-baided tinsel with split Texas Fox Squirrel tail ) Addd some small dumbell eyes for those deep, swift pools.
  38. Tom,
    before you spend a lot of money, I use an old $100 Epson 2450 scanner and it does a fine job w/ 4x5 and even 6x9. Anything smaller is not great, but I still use it for 6x6 & 6x4.5 as a proofer. Better than contact prints, at least w/ my eyes.
    Thanks for including which lens you used on the shots John. The Ektars are pretty darn good! I'm not a big fan of soft, billowy water but these shots are beautiful.
  39. Nice shots! Beautiful waterscapes. Call me corny but I still like the silky water look.
  40. Very nice work... and I usually like the motion of water to be blurred. Ektar lenses are very tough to beat at any price. Kodak really knew what they were doing and had unmatched QC.
  41. John, those are simply beautiful photos and like Gene said, they're certainly inspiring. I could look at pictures like those all day long...
  42. Nice shots John, very beautiful and well executed.
  43. Another bravo!
    Blurred water, schmatter, it's nice. Can't get enough of these view camera images.
  44. Just great! Taken with Velvia?

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