Sunset On The Brooklyn Bridge

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  1. Going through the catalog keywording, I come across images that haven't been edited but I think have possibilities and should be.
    This is one of them. The image itself was captured some time in the last quarter of 1989. Have no idea when I made the original scan, but I rescanned it a couple of days ago and decided to see what I could do with it. As best as I can recall, every image I've seen of the Brooklyn Bridge has been grayscale, and broad daylight. Decided it was high time for a sunset silhouette in color. Comments, critiques, welcome.....Izzy

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  2. Really like this. I was going to say bring up the highlights a bit, but with the gothic towers, you know immediately that’s is the brooklyn bridge. Very nice.
  3. Looks good to me, nicely back-lit with the Sun just soft enough and not showing as a overblown highlight. The bridge is in dark shadow but the many cables spark interest and, as well as the pylon, make the shot IMO.

    I'd say, well done, it's powerfully evocative and I wouldn't try to change it.
  4. I agree that the image works well as is. To me, the bold contrast makes it.
  5. A lot of it looks like a dark blob to me and just doesn’t draw me in. This is the kind of shot that I think would benefit from finesse from exposure settings to post production in order to bring out the potential. I get the idea and appreciate it, but the lack of any sense of actual shadow, as opposed to just a mass of dark, doesn’t work for me here. What was gained in exposing the sun has been lost on the bridge. This kind of photo is usually a matter of compromise. I think a differently balanced one would have given it more visual and emotional presence.
  6. Thanks all for the comments and critiques.
    Sam in response to compromise and balance, essentially that's what I was referring to in the intro where I mention "possibilities".
    This is an initial edit. As with others, I will likely go back to it from time to time and try different things to see what happens.

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