sunset not even close!

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  1. been trying to get the nice magenta and pinks to show on my 35mm negatives, no can do!
    I know about slides but shoot negatives because its cheep and easy to get them processed in my erea.
    I have seen many nice photos from 35mm negatives, so its not the medium its my tecnique thats at fault.
    I use and love my nikon FE and EM exclusivly now days (finish with digital madness) at least for the time being.
    help me nail my sunset-sunrise craving, please!
    again many thanks
  2. The advantage and the problem with negative film is you can adjust the colors to your heart's content when printing the image. This gives plenty of room to get it right or get it wrong. If you want the magenta and pink you know are in the film, you have to make your own prints or work with a pro lab who will charge you an arm and a leg but will get it right.
    If you want to get it right, you really have to do your own darkroom work. This was true back when film was all you had. The only difference digital makes is the digital darkroom is so much easier and so much more powerful to work with than the old wet darkroom. Either scan your film or go full digital and start learning how to do digital darkroom work if you want to get it right.
    Digital is also the only way to go if you want "cheap". You shoot digital images, download them to your computer and clear the memory card. Total out of pocket cost is zero. There is no processing fees and no replacement rolls to buy. I made back the cost of my digital conversion in one year due to not having to pay anything to process film or buy new rolls.
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    Don't trust your cameras' metering for sunsets. My (color negative) experience is to underexpose by 1-1.5 f stops to get the rich colors. The EM, as I recall, doesn't allow you to do manual exposure except at 1/90 sec, which just won't cut it; probably the answer here is to increase your ASA by about 2.5x for those shots. Good'll need to experiment a little with a sacrificial roll until you get it right. Then when you have the negatives developed, forget having them printed unless you have some input to the process....have them make a CD and touch them up on your PC.
  4. The other problem with shooting C-41 for sunsets is that you might nail the exposure to get the richer colors, but the automated processors will often change the color and exposure in making the print/scan. The best way around that is to scan your negatives yourself.
  5. Thanks guys

    I talked to the owner and he gave me a tip, aks the operator to print as it is (not try and compensate) most pepoles working on these machines have little experience.
    I am confident that with your tips and the shops understanding my photos will be a ok.
    also I will be out in the jungle of PNG for the next few months, thats why the old manuals cameras with next to no need for batteries and no computer :0)
    many thanks for your help have a nice summer!

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