Sunpak MG-1 Thysistor - How do I use this?

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by paul_clayton, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. Anyone have a manual on how to use this flash? Is is an off camera flash with a PC sync lead. A can't figure out how to detrermine the required apature and distance via the flash dials. Thanks Paul Ps picture of flash is attached.
  2. How about a photo of the dials?
  3. OK, based on a bad ebay photo I dug up, I think it goes like this:

    Dial your ISO into the top dial.

    You have four 'colored' auto ranges - Blue, Red, Yellow, Green.

    Blue is good from about 6 to 15 feet

    Red is good from about 6 to 20 feet

    Yellow is good from about 6 to 30 feet

    Green is good from about 8 to 40 feet.

    You select a 'color' range in the dial below the iso ring and read the aperture through the window. That's the aperture you set on the camera (at least for the beginning of your experiments).

    If you shoot at the 'far end' of a given range, you will be using most of the available flash power and suffer long recycle times. If you shoot at the short end of a given range, you will get short flash durations and short recycle times.

    I suspect that the upper two 'color ranges' actually can be used at shorter ranges than 6 feet, but they skimped on the 'width' of the calculator graphic.

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