Sunflower fields within driving distance of Chicago?

Discussion in 'Nature' started by jenmartin, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. Does anyone know of any sunflower fields within a day trip of

  2. How big a field do you need? I'll try to post some of the legendary sunflower fields of Dearborn, Michigan.

    Acres and acres up and down the douthfield expressway. I love getting into an area where they're man height.
  3. Doesn't have to extend as far as the eye can see - but I'm looking for fields rather than the stray flower here and there in someone's garden. I shot a few this weekend, but because I live downtown I'm somewhat limited to full-frame flowers and macro.
  4. Hi Jennifer.

    These were quick shots I took with the point and shoot last October. Early October seems to be peak time for the sunflowers. Are they what you're looking for? (pardon the color, it's Canon auto white balance).
  5. OK, one more time...
  6. Well, that was under 100k, and under 500 pixels wide, and it still didn't show. Whoopie for!

    Here's some different sunflowers
  7. And one more
  8. Apparently, they don't display unlses you set a caption. Doesn't say that in the instructions! It's a feature, not a bug!
  9. And the first one, which is now the last one.
  10. Very beautiful - thanks so much for posting them! Definite road trip potential this fall, but I'm not too familiar with that area - which highway are they located along (assuming I'm on Hwy 94)?
  11. Jennifer, you're quite welcome

    Those were shot in two fields on M39. Take I-94 east to the M-39 (Southfield road) exit, go north, and stay on the service drive. You'll hit Rotunda in about two miles, and there are several big sunflower fields over the next couple of miles from Rotunda to Hubbard Drive. I don't think there's any north of Hubbard. For one of the fields, I parked in the back part of the parking lot at Ford's "Regent Court" building, for another I parked at the washer/dryer building (you'll figure out which one that is. It's unmistakable). I usually just park, get out of the explorer, wait for the security guard to drive by (they patrol frequently, you won't have to wait more than 5 minutes) and tell him I want to shoot the sunflowers.
  12. You might also want to look for pumpkin patches and corn mazes in the northern
    Illinois area. Many of these attractions also have sunflowers. Keep in mind that
    northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin have been in severe drought this summer. I
    just got back from mid-Illinois and southern Wisconsin and saw many lost corn fields.
  13. Does anyone have an exact address this specific location? I am very interested... Maybe some GPS coordinates... I am not familiar with the area but live in Addison, IL... when is the best time to go there.. from when to when? Maybe a city it is located.. this is exactly what i have been looking for... cheers.
    Please email me...

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