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    This week I present an installation titled Walking Backwards

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  2. 021a Niños-Casco Antiguo-Cuenca Leica III. Elmar 5.jpg 1933 Leica III. 1951 Elmar 90. Plus-X 125 (no developer data)
  3. interesting ludmilla - but I hope you didn't trip over anything while walking backwards :)
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  4. No, no relation.

    Along with many other people, I'm a volunteer "visitor host" for a biennial photo festival here in NL. Exhibitions are shown at 5-6 indoor and outdoor locations spread around the city for some 6 weeks. In the background is just part of the "XL" outdoor exhibition. I was wandering around this exhibition, offering information to visitors when I came across this young chap (+/ 2 years old ?) walking with his grandmother. I was struck by his young age (the pacifier!) as a 'visitor' and I asked his grandmother whether I could take his photo. She agreed. I liked how it turned out, especially his "tough stance" and long shadow.


  5. Yep, it’s a great shot
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  6. Canadian Pilot Boat - inside Victoria Island
  7. Long way from home, Barry
  8. I was on a big ass cruise ship coming down from Alaska.
  9. Thanks, Ludmilla.

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