Sunday Streat™️ 13 March 2022

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  1. Streat™️ being all street things real&imaginery™️

    Today’s the birthday of an old flame so happy birthday to DR wherever you are. On that romantic note I present not a red rose but a red leaf. I like to think of this as abstract streat™️ even though it is clear it is a photo of a leaf on a street, it is meaningless and therefore abstract.

    Anyhoo, wotcha got this week?

  2. The answer to last week’s brain teaser was vs, not sv as some of you might have thought
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  3. outside decoration (i shot it yesterday)
    0007a Menina Colores Bicicleta Adornada Flores Pareja Mascarilla-NoktonSC40.jpg Voigtländer Nokton SC 40 on Fuji X-E2
  4. Luis, good to see you are out and about.
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  6. Jackson Pollack Juvenilia
  7. Looks like some shoes are needed too.
  8. street_0313.JPG Chalked outline of a game we played using bottle caps… the 60’s in Harlem.
  9. a couple of defunct Pillboxes - built years ago - but now decorated... (near Pogradec, Albania) DSCN4484 - Copy (3).JPG
  10. sadly, this - ladybug - can't fly away DSCN4422 - Copy - Copy (3).JPG
  11. Great selfie, Barry

    (I love the wig)
  12. Ahhhhhhh hahahaha cept I never wear a watch :) and I'm certainly not that pretty.
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