Sunday Musings: photography isn't expensive, even for Leica owners

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by Karim Ghantous, Jan 15, 2022.

  1. Mr. Herbert, great that you mention the Leica X113. For a thousand pounds you can buy a superb modern lens giving my favoured 35mm at a bargain price and get a free camera thrown in. No wonder Leica pulled this camera before it hit Q sales.
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  2. I seem to have a thing about a brass top plate;)
  3. o"wonder Leica pulled this camera before it hit Q sales."

    Actually, real world, my friend
    took both cameras to Dubai

    The images were identical,

    Real world.
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  4. But the Q was better in low light.

    Personality I would have used a flash.

    28mm, for ever, methinks not.
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  5. Wow! Feeling a tiny bit self-satisfied that I bought the last new X113 in the UK even if I had to go for a rather unusual colour. As a cheapskate Leica user my M8 is my £800 version of the Monochrom.
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  6. I stand by what I wrote. It depends what you priorities are, whether you are professional or amateur. Most people can afford a Leica kit, but they decide to spend their money on sugar instead of protein. So to speak. It's not about how much money you have but how you treat it.
  7. I wish it was that easy, glad it is for you. Most of us on this forum are past the days of living from check to check, so can make priorities, but for many photographers, it's a Leica or rent, or utilities or food. What you are talking about is people who have disposal income, not a condition for many photographers. So sorry but I disagree with your basic premise in this thread.
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  8. Do you own a Leica?
  9. Not at the moment. I've owned a bunch over the years.
  10. Simple, not easy.
  11. Yes, simple, "Let them eat cake".
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  12. I can sympathize. Before I was a "Leica snob," I was a Ricoh 500G snob, a Konica Auto-S2 snob, a Canon G-III snob, and an Olympus XA snob. Two of those other rangefinder cameras were used when I bought them.

    I have always liked rangefinders, but I didn't buy a Leica until I could afford an old used one. And I've never bought a new Leica lens. My Leica M10 is second-hand, too. I already owned the Leica lenses I bought many years ago when prices were lower. Although I'm richer now, I still keep my priorities straight. I have a Leica M10, a Leica M6, several Leica lenses -- and my car is 23 years old. Priorities!
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  13. You see yourself as limited. I don't. Pointing to negative things is not an argument against positive things.
  14. My college graduation present was a Leica IIIg with the f2.8 Elmar 50. I ended up being well paid to take real estate photos and make sure the image quality was much better than the Kodak Instamatics being used. I have continually used it for over 50 years and it is now out for a complete restoration. Within the last 15 years I've been given LTM and M Leicas and lenses in horrible condition, had them restored and intend to use them as long as I can still get film processed. I'd rather spend my hobby budget and time doing scenic photography than chasing a golf ball. Enclosing a friends picture from 40-50 years back in a Christmas card is a wonderful way to reconnect with old friends. Some things are priceless, thanks to Leica.
  15. It's amazing how out of touch you are. I wasn't talking about me, I have 2 Leica. Read what I said, not what you think I'm saying.

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