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  1. I bought a grab bag of accessories on ebay from an estate and the filter in the picture was included. The threaded end measures about 36mm and the wider end measures about 41mm. I had a summitar and it took this type of tapered filter but I don't remember the size and was wondering if other Leitz lenses also used this "tapered mount of different sizes. I don't currently have a summitar and wanted to sell the lens but wasn't sure it was for the summitar.
  2. Summitar filter size is E36 (36 mm screw-in).
  3. Completely unique to the Summitar. Although there is an adapter to use it as an A-36 clamp-on.
  4. Summitar threaded filters have 36mm thread at the bottom of what looks like a small funnel leading up to a larger diameter filter. If it doesn't have the funnel, it's not for a Summitar.
  5. The thing in the photo has the funnel, by the way.
  6. John, these where not really unique for the Summitar. At least the Steinheil LTM lenses (Orthostigmat 35, Culminar 135) also used them. They must have been quite popular. Even in the early 70s, when I started with an old Leica IIIb, every photoshop in Stuttgart/Germany had some of them in a drawer. And when they wanted to cleanout the drawer, you could buy them for 2 DM (about 35 US-Cents at this time). Today they are more than scarce.
  7. What kind of filter is it anyways?
  8. For me it looks like a Summitar filter.
    I see some differences to my german filters: The rim looks coarser, and the engraving "SL" looks irritating. Maybe Leitz NY used an US manufacturer during the war for this, when they coudn't get it from Germany.
  9. When I had a Summitar I sent it to SK Grimes with a sample Summitar filter and they made an adapter ring to use 39mm filters. They put a groove in it so that the Leica Sumicron shade would clip on properly. Never had to deal with those special filters after that.
    I should have kept the adapter when I sold the Summitar, never know when I might want to get another Summitar.
  10. Anthony,
    there is a cheaper way than custom made : a SNHOO Adapter for 39 mm Filters (and hoods!) from e.g. Heavystar. Don't try to find a original Leitz one, these are for collectors ($$$$).
  11. Waldemar,

    Sorry I missed your reply 6 years ago. Common adapters like the Heavystar one do not have the grove cut in them so that the Leica clip-on shade 12585 can clip on & reverse ove the lens for storage..

    I just bought another 1952 Sumitar for my IIIf and I will have to have SK grimes make another ring. They also made me a 40mm to 39mm step-down ring with the grove cut into it for use on my Canon L39 lenses. I should have kept the first Sumitar adapter SK Grimes made for me! Live & learn!

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