Summicron f/2 50 BP "possibly" repainted?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by luigi v, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. I'm thinking to buy a Summicron 2/50 Black Paint but the seller is advertising it as
    "possibly" repainted and he/she cannot give me a definitive answer about it...He/she sent
    me some very high definition pics by email that I will try and submit on this forum
    tomorrow, and/or I can send them to someone interested in having a look at them in order
    to possibly advice me on the matter...It would be great if someone who has got one of this
    lenses can come forward so that he could compare it to his own one...Also, what price
    range should I consider to pay either ways (authentic BP/repainted?).
    The lens is a 1962 production batch serial 1962XXX
    near mint, tiny nick to left of red dot, 1/2mm scratch on focus ring between red dot and
    'LENS', minor rubbing to top of focus ring.
    No box with front cap and Leitz plastic container.
    Thanks in advance for any help/advice.
  2. If it is "possibly repainted", Murphy's law says that it is. I would not pay any sort of premium
    for it, but if you have to, I wouldn't pay any more than what it would cost to buy a silver one
    and have it repainted....
  3. here's some pics...
  4. Sorry if the image will be displayed very large, but it's good to actually see on this post...
  5. third one
  6. and last one
  7. and last one again
  8. Hello Luigi!
    I have one, serial# 1962XXX, bought used in 1971. Only used for nine years it shows a lot of brass, especially around the focussing scale and arm. Even if the number seems to be correct, if your lens painting is original the lens can not have been used much or anything.
  9. Looks repainted to me, but then I'm not a collector. A lens is a lens, right?
  10. Hello Jan, does it look VERY similar to yours?
    Have a kook at the last pic, bottom of barrel, does your one show the SAME level of thick
    paint on it (from the pic it looks like it has been painted over...).
  11. It's repainted. Look at the flaking on the 8 in the blow-up. Plus, the surface doesn't look like
    a professional coating. It looks like spray paint from a can or airbrush.
  12. It looks repainted. There are many black marks/smudges on the white and red letters. These black marks would not be present on a new lens or on a used BP lens, as the black paint doesn't come off like a liquid. The paint must have come from somewhere. As a previous poster suggested, it's probably spray paint. Or even a sloppy hand painted job.
  13. I'm not Sherlock Holmes, but if you look at some of the white lettering, near the red letters, you will see some minute spots of red paint on the white lettering. This is possibly due to spraying red paint. I could be wrong, but it looks like a very sloppy paint job.

    It looks as if the painter first painted/sprayed the lens white (on the white letters), and then painted/sprayed red (on the red letters, which is why there is some red paint on the white letters), and then hand painted it black.
  14. Hello again Luigi!
    Just what I meant, the painting is not at all that thick, especially not at that area and at the focussing arm. But I was wrong about the ser.#, I copied yours by misstake, mine is 19546XX and I have all reason to think it`s real as I bought mine in an era when there was plenty of them here in Sweden and no reason to fake any.
  15. Thanks everybody for your advice...well, this lens has been repainted, and the final proof is
    the serial number that does not match with Jan-Olof's...
  16. Shoot a roll and if the aperture and focus adjustments work right what difference does a bit of paint make? It contributes nothing to the picture! Only a collector or fondler should be concerned.

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