Summicron-C 40/2 on Minolta CLE

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  1. Pardon me for this Leica-rookie question: what do I have to watch out for when using a Summicron-C 40/2 on a Minolta CLE? Am I right to assume that the correct frameline to use with the Summicron-C 40/2 is the inner (smaller) one seen in the viewfinder? Many thanks!
  2. Yes, the outer one is for the 28mm. Theoretically, the CL's 40mm you
    have has a slightly different slope on the focusing cam, but I have
    used the 40 on an M3 and had no problems at all.
  3. By the way, those little 40's are spectacular for the money. Mine is
    every bit as good as the best other leica lenses I have shot with.
    Looking at the negs with a 10 power lube, the stuff from the 40 shows
    remakable detail, especially in the f4.0 to f8.0 range, but it is even
    good wide open. I have the Minolta badged one and it is one of my
    favorite lenses.
  4. Lens guru Mike Johnson says of any lens he has ever used, and he used
    hundreds, the 40mm Summicron got the most praise from people he
    showed the pictures to.


    You can say anything you want about contrast, lines per millimeters
    and what not... but when all is said and done, if people like your
    pictures... what else matters?
  5. It is a great lens but was designed for the Leitz/Minolta CL. The
    CL lenses had a different, steeper lens focusing cam than
    normal M and CLE lenses. The CL camera, which does not have
    to focus f1.0 lenses, has a simpler, shorter based rangefinder
    mechanism. The M and CLE cameras' rangefinder is fine tuned
    by adjusting the length of the roller arm which means that it can
    be in a slightly different position horizontally from one camera to
    another. The short ending to the long story is that quite often the
    M and CLE camera's rangefinder will not couple to a CL lens
    correctly. Point the combination at a point at least two miles away
    and, if everything lines up OK at infinity, it should be fine. If it does
    couple correctly, bear in mind that it may not work so well with
    your next body.


  6. Thanks guys for your good advice! John, thanks especially for your
    good tip, which I didn't know! I discussed this with the camera shop
    people and they said they would have the camera tuned or the lens
    changed if my 40/2 doesn't focus properly. I have checked the focus
    at infinity as you advised and everything seems to line up; but I'll
    know for sure when I have my first roll of film shot with the camera
    and lens developed. Thanks again, especially for being patient with
    this Leica newbie (well, not quite, mine's a Minolta after all!).
  7. To wrap up this thread, I'm relieved to report that my CLE and
    Summicron-C 40/2 seem to be enjoying a happy marriage--the pictures
    from the test roll of film all turned out to be in focus. A friend
    of mine, who allowed herself to be the test subject, absolutely hates
    the lens (as well as me) because the photographs taken reveal far too
    much facial details! Anyway, thank you so much, Andrew, Al and John.

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