Summer pictures from Voigtlander Vito BL

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  1. For my trip to Prague I decided to take Minolta XG-M with three lenses and beloved, just overhauled by me, Voigtlander Vito BL.
    For all who don't know Voigtlander Vito BL; It's beautifuly designed, VERY solid camera with an excellent Color Skopar 50mm 2.8 lens and selenium lightmeter.
    Once I tested Vito BL against Olympus Trip 35. Both cameras delivers excellent quality with Voigtlander being little sharper, without ANY chromatic aberrations. Images from Voigtlander also had little nicer, warmer colors.
    Camera is quite heavy (what I like). Viewfinder is beautiful 1:1, with nice frame inside. I've never seen viewfinder like that, for some reason I prefer it over Leica viewfinders. Design is way different, with mirror-like look from the front of the camera. I don't know, You have to see it to believe it...
    After my CLA shutter and self-timer are flawless. Camera was ready for the trip. I was little worry about lightmeter readings. After comparisiom with SLR lightmeter I figured out that small adjustment is needed only in lower light...
    Camera was loaded with fresh Fuji natura Reala film.
    I have to say that I couldn't ask for more in terms of image quality :) Please judge for Yourself :)
  2. 1. (from Warsaw)
  3. The mirror-loke look from the front of the finder is the semi-silvering to reflect the bright "Albada" frame lines. Comes at a cost of losing some fraction of a stop of finder brightness. It's on the deeply curved inside of the front element of the finder.
    Early Topcon 35L rangefinder cameras had a similar complete semi-silvering. Later units (like mine) only have that semi-silvering at the edges of that finder element. Makes the viewing part of the finder brighter, but makes centering your eye to see the reflected frame lines more critical. Of course, you need your eye centered to use the rangefinder patch anyway, so it's not a big "penalty".
    But, the full-coverage semi-silvering does make the camera look cool, like a cool pair of mirrored shades.
  4. Nice sharp pictures. Wow, unless you are a Luciferian, you might just get pretty creeped out at all that symbolic around there in that graveyard. That place must have quite a vibration to it.
  5. Beautiful work, Maciek. The BL is one of my favourites, too, though I use my Vitomatic IIa more frequently as the rangefinder is handy, but I think the BL is a better-looking camera. The Color-Skopar lens really is superb; as you've pointed out, it's not only the sharpness of the images, but also the lack of distortion and aberation that's so impressive. I read somewhere that Voigtlander went to great lengths to produce a lens that produced a neutral to warm colour rendition, and from my observations this may well be true. I've found the negatives scan very well, for whatever reason.
    They're all great pics; damn, that "lens test" pic is sharp! Thanks for a great post.
  6. A really fine camera and collection of photos. I've owned several Vitos. There's nothing quite like them.
  7. That's a nice looking camera, Maciek. Impressive results from the Color-Skopar. Kind of spooky graveyard shots.
  8. It's kind of spooky because that is the very cemetery where supposedly Satan met at night with the 12 Elders of Zion to lay out the Luciferian takeover of the earth, one world government and religion under the control of Lucifer, as spelled out in Revelation and other prophecies of the Bible. Their mission is nearly complete, so it shouldn't be much longer now till we find out how the story will really end. You either believe in Jesus or not There is no middle ground.
  9. That's old news, Cliff. Lucifer, is still around, but the 20th century was tough on him. As it turned out, ignorance was a more destructive force than evil. He's a smart guy and just couldn't compete. He gave up on world domination and got a gig as a corporate trial lawyer. More money, better hours, more opportunity for amorality, etc. He assures me that if he continued with his original plan we would still be able to smoke in bars. Also, Lucifer is no fan of the Color Skopar. The rendering is too angelic.
  10. Matthew, you could have a valid point there. Maybe just as valid as any others out there. He may have also decided to give up world domination and stick with dominating the House and Senate of the U.S., also a valid hypothesis, since they seem to be about as evil as any others on the planet.
  11. Great shots, Maciek. I have a Vitessa L which needs its rangefinder recalibrated. Never thought of picking up a Vito, but your excellent results may tempt me to look for one. Thanks for posting.
  12. Very nice post Maciek, I like the Warsaw picture a lot and Dvorak's grave. Very nicely done. My Vito BL does not have the same finder, it has rather the plane glass one. The speeds are a little slow, but I seldom use them so not a n issue. Thanks for posting.
  13. Gorgeous camera, those images are astounding too, great work!
    My favorite is the Dvorak, it looks nothing like the Bragg print I have of him though.
  14. Thank You all for kind comments!
    That was a first roll after the CLA, just for testing purpose but I am very happy with the results. Few frames left so I decided to take Voigtlander to Prague, to finish the roll. That old Graveyard was really beautiful and mystical...
    Other shots are just for testing purposes, simple snapshots but since You like the post I think I should show few more from Voigtlander...
    Thank You, Best Regards,
  15. The last one...
  16. Excellent example of the Skopar! I really love my Vito B!

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