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Discussion in 'Education' started by lars mislej, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Hi!

    Do you know any good one-week photography workshops (people, portraits,
    documentary) in Middle Europe?

    Has anybody attended an international photo workshop? Did you learn a lot?

    Thank you for your help ...

  2. Many of the photo magazines from the UK list workshops located in Europe. Light and Land
    is a workshop I've read about. It is run by Charlie Waite.
  3. Thank you, Thomas.

    What about these workshops:

    Does anybody know them?
  4. Toscana Photographic Workshop has week-long workshops in Italy with a great faculty including David Alan Harvey, Gerd Ludwig, Stanley Greene, Antonin Kratochvil, Randy Olson, Maggie Steber and others.
    No commercial connection but I'm a satisfied customer. In fact I just attended a one week workshop in Sicily with David Alan Harvey covering the Easter processions.
    Photos of the Workshop
  5. Thanks for the link. They have some really interesting workshops.
    I also took a look of your photos from Sicily- great work.
  6. I would also recommend TPW. Great place to be surrounded by at least a half dozen great
    photographers in any given week. The focus is more on the spirit, aesthetic, editing and
    presentation, less on technical skills. The atmosphere and town are excellent. And so is the
    food. You'll find a wide range of students of all ages. Most are from Europe, but there are
    some from the States as well.
  7. Try Eastern Rhodopes in Bulgaria, wild horses, bears, wolfs, vultures, thracian culture and unique rural life.
    more info here

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