Summer GAS attack #2- The Minolta A

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by rogerwb, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. At one of my haunts that sells old stuff, there was this Minolta A sitting by itself with a bunch of unrelated junk and a price tag of $8.00. Since it was one of the first of the Japanese RF invasion, I grabbed it, even if it didn't initially work. To my surprise, all the speeds worked and the RF only needed a minor adjustment.
    Here's some results, starting with the bridge that goes to the island I live on and the north end of the channel.
  2. This was once a tearoom, in the cottage style of the early 1900's. Sadly beyond practical repair, has been unused for many, many years.
  3. Before the bridge was built in 1959, the island had its own fire engine. Now this building is used only for housing the antique fire truck that is only used for parades.
  4. A couple of closeups to test the RF.
  5. The other CU
  6. Street Repair. Most of the streets on the island go straight from the main road, which is on the "backbone" of the island, straight to the water. They seem to get more maintenance than the more sparsely populated and older crooked streets. This is definitely not my street.
  7. When I got to this spot, you couldn't see across the channel to the neighboring island. I saw the sun starting to break through and fired hastily. A few seconds later, the sun was shining and the fog was gone. Proves the old Maine adage, " If you don't like the weather, wait a minute."
  8. Double post
  9. My backyard retreat, a Walmart 10 x10 canopy and three rolls of bamboo screening from Home Depot. I am not to be disturbed when in here.
  10. Last but not least, The camera.
  11. Top view. The shutter speed dial is on the top of the camera, as it has a behind the lens shutter. The Lens and diaphragm unscrew as a unit. Maybe there were plans to have interchangeable lenses for this baby ?
  12. double post
  13. Sweet little camera and a lucky find for you. Going by the photos it is doing as good now as it
    was when new in your capable hands. I liked the lifting fog the best maybe because I am
    headed to the Washington coast next week so I'm sure I'll see some fog too.
  14. Great find and great post. I especially like the Lifting of the Fog picture.
    I got my 'A' this past spring and have enjoyed the results from its 4 element Rokkor. I had a couple of A-2s but 'A' had eluded me for a while. They are really uniquely designed cameras and very capable optics. The only thing I was not too crazy about with the 'A" was its removable back. Other than that it is just fine.
  15. I had never heard of this camera, but I can't think of a better way to spend $8.
    Very nice.
  16. Nice find, Roger. GAS is cheap in your neck of the woods I see.
  17. Well done, Roger. One came my way about a month ago, but I haven't had a chance to clean it yet, let alone put a film through it. From the look of your fine photographs, it's well worth cleaning up. They're all very sharp, with great tones. I'm impressed by the solid feel of the camera and it's build quality, and the nice clicky way everything works. I'll have to say mine cost me quite a bit more than your measly eight bucks....You're a lucky guy. Thanks for an encouraging post.
  18. Nice shots, Roger.
    Only recently getting back into photography, I'm unfamiliar with the term "GAS", or "G.A.S.". Can you help a noob? :)
  19. Geesh, who new the glass was so good. I'll have to take mine down and put a roll through it. Nice stuff from a cool little camera.
  20. GAS = Gear Acquisition Syndrome
    In photography, GAS happens when you see a nice piece of camera, lens, etc. that you don't really need but get it anyway. With film cameras nowadays going so cheaply, this can happen very easily.
  21. Thanks, Jerome!
    Looks like I've got it too! I'm building the Minolta "kit bag" I always wanted to 30 years ago!
  22. Yup it recently hit me too. I was able to buy a medium format camera with 3 lenses and a hard case for less than what some autofocus lenses cost these days.
  23. The real find of the season was the near mint Nikon F with working meter for less than $100.
    On the big auction site of all places.
    More later.
  24. Very nice shots, Roger. The camera is a beauty and the lens is obviously quite a performer; the sharpness is excellent. I hope you'll post more from this camera.

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